How to Build a World Destroyer in Minecraft? (TNT canon 2.0)

How to Build a World Destroyer Minecraft? (TNT canon 2.0)

TNT is a blasting item in Minecraft that you can use to explode and destroy blocks around an area. It is simple to make as it requires sand and some gunpowder. This article is not only about TNT but its bigger version. Here you will learn to build a Minecraft World Destroyer to use for fun or a purpose. 

Minecraft World Destroyer

The World Destroyer is a second version of the TNT cannon based on dispenser and Redstone tech that fires TNT in a specific direction.

In this version, the TNT is spread out in numerous directions and destroys many parts of the biome fast. 

The materials/resources Required to make the World Destroyer machine in Minecraft are 8 Dispensers, some Redstone dust, 3 Redstone torches, stone, 3 stone slabs, 3 buckets of water, and lots of TNT.

Steps to Build World Destroyer(TNT canon 2.0) in Minecraft

If you want to make World Destroyer in the game, firstly, you will need to find a hill or a cliff. After that level, the area makes it flat.

Step 1

Turn back and Place 3 dispensers facing the cliff. (You can make dispensers using cobblestone, bow, and Redstone dust.)

Step 2

Now, Place 2 dispensers facing each other.

Second Step to make World Destroyer machine

Step 3

Then put 3 dispensers one block ahead and above the old dispensers. (Here, you can use temporary blocks to place them in this way.)

Step 4 

First, place 3 stone slabs in front of the dispensers, then add water inside. You cannot put any block on the dispensers unless you hold crouch. Otherwise, the dispenser will open, and you can’t place your block.

 Step 5

Then place the Redstone as in the picture below.

Step 6

Go a little back from here and place 3 blocks of stone.

Step 7

Then place 3 Redstone torches on them. You can make Redstone torches in Minecraft with Redstone and sticks. Then place 3 more stone blocks on top of the torches using temporary blocks.

Seventh step to build Minecraft World Destroyer

Step 8

Then place Redstone.

Step 9

Now, before placing the TNT, break the middle Redstone so that the World Destroyer machine doesn’t activate while you are placing them. Put an equal amount of TNT in all the dispensers.

9th step to make World Destroyer in Minecraft

Step 10

Now put back the Redstone dust in the middle. After that, place one on top of the dispenser. After placing Redstone dust on the top dispenser like in the picture below, stand back. Then the TNT barrage will start and destroy lands nearby.

There you successfully build a machine called World Destroyer, so now you can quickly destroy any biome area in Minecraft. 

World Destroyer Minecraft: Working


  • What if I activate all the World Destroyer dispensers once by placing the Redstone in the middle at last?

The way it works is that- the TNT from the dispensers behind the water needs to be triggered first. The TNT from those dispensers is used to launch the other TNT. So if you activate all the dispensers at once, your canon will explode and be destroyed.