Most necessary Crops in Minecraft that you should cultivate

Most necessary Crops in Minecraft that you should cultivate

There are a variety of crops for you here in Minecraft. But here, we will discuss the top 5 most necessary crops, which are used not only for food but also for other survival uses.

Top 5 most necessary Crops in Minecraft

1. Wheat

Wheat farming

Wheat is one of the most common and useful crops found in the Minecraft world. You can find this crop as hay bales in villages, and its seeds are everywhere available in the plains. Sometimes, you will get wheat seeds by removing the grasses.

If you want more wheat, you can make its farm in your village. It is fast and easy to harvest wheat because it grows faster than other crops. Making a wheat farm is very easy too.

If you ever have too much wheat, you can always make them into hay bales and store even more of them. In Minecraft, the wheat crop is used for making bread for food, and you can also use wheat to tame, feed and breed the animals like cows and sheep.

2. Pumpkins

Pumpkin crop in Minecraft

Pumpkins are uncommon crops that are a little harder to find than wheat. You can find pumpkins on plains in hills and spruce wood biomes in Minecraft. If you get the pumpkin in the game world, you can use shears to get its seeds for further cultivation.

In Minecraft, pumpkins are used for making pumpkin pie, building blocks, carved pumpkin, iron golem, snow golem, a jack o lantern, and many more.

Therefore, either for food or to get protection by making golems, you should start Pumpkin farming in Minecraft- It is the most Necessary crop in the game.

3. Sweet berries

Sweet berries in Minecraft

The red-colored berries that grow on stingy little bushes are called sweet berries. You can only find these on spruce biomes, but they can grow everywhere in dirt blocks.

The main thing about these berries is not that it gives you an unlimited source of food, but it also protects your base. These bushes deal a certain amount of damage and slow the mobs.

So, you can surround your living place with these plants to prevent mobs from trespassing into your area in Minecraft.

4. Sugarcane


Sugarcane is another best crop in Minecraft that grows on sand and dirt, and it is the best raw material to make other survival items.. Also, you will find them grown on the side of rivers and oceans.

If you want sugarcane farming, you can plant them near an infinite water source to grow them quickly. The truth is that you can’t eat sugarcane directly, but you can use it as a resource to make many other useful things in Minecraft.

Sugarcane is used for making sugar and paper to make pumpkin pies and maps, books, bookshelves, etc. Like doors, sugarcanes can create air pockets underwater in Minecraft, so if you are ever stuck underwater, you can use sugarcanes as an air pocket.

5. Carrots

Carrot in Minecraft: A best crop for survival

Carrots are not as common as wheat, but sometimes you can find villagers farming these crops in Minecraft. These crops are seedless, so you can directly plant the carrot in the soil to produce more.

In Minecraft, you can use carrots for trading with villagers and making a fishing rod for luring and riding pigs. You can also make golden carrots with carrots which give you tons of health.

Furthermore, you can use carrots for breeding villagers and pigs. Also, this crop help in making several potions in Minecraft.