Which are the best heroes in MLBB for Ranked Matches?

Which are the best heroes in MLBB for Ranked Matches?

MLBB has provided players with different heroes, so players face confusion while choosing heroes for ranked matches.
There are 8 tier ranks in Mobile legends (Warrior, Elite, Master, GrandMaster, Epic, Legends, Mythic and Mythical Glory).

The banning system starts in the Epic rank, where the game slowly starts becoming competitive, and When the main hero is banned, players supposedly have to adapt with a pick. So, here I will talk about my top 5 best heroes that I use while ranking up in Mobile legends.
(Ps: It is personal based and not according to meta survey)

Top 5 best heroes you should use for ranked matches in MLBB.

1. Chou

best hero for ranked matches in MLBB

I feel like Chou is never out of meta, and he is rarely banned, so you pick him for the MLBB ranked mode.
Chou is very easy to adapt, and once you master this hero with the right strategy and strong team coordination, victory is almost guaranteed.

He is best for offlaner, but you can also play as a tank sometimes because of the distribution of his skill set.
Chou is very efficient for objectives in-game such as pushing because of its high mobility around the map, ambushing squishy opponent heroes as Chou with proper build can maximize its damage to the highest.

Chou is very versatile with the spell FLICKER- I prioritize destroying towers over running around for the kill in the Mobile legends. Also, like most of the fighters, Chou is pretty sturdy. With his second skill, he can almost immune every CC from enemies if used at the right timing, making it easy to escape dangerous situations in ranked battles.

2. Granger

Granger hero in MLBB

Granger is a top-notch marksman, and he can play as a Hyper Carry or as a side laner in the MLBB matches.
But, I often prefer to use Granger as Carry due to his easy mobility and faster creep clearing ability.
Granger recently got buffed, so players are picking this hero often nowadays.

His passive allows high burst damage. The Good Granger player abuses his passive with good timing, and with the right build and heroes making, it can almost kill every squishy hero in the opposition team. If well protected by tank and support, the ranked match becomes much easier, and to increase the performance of Granger, you should build the best build.

For example, Granger does not depend on attack speed for its base damage, so building items for increasing attack speed will do Granger no justice.

3. Tigreal

best hero for ranked matches in Mobile legends

The Tigreal is one of the ten first heroes introduced during the first launch of Mobile legends. Tigreal is a very reliable tank and when you use his skills wisely, wiping out enemies is an easy task.
I don’t usually play tanks, but whenever I have to adjust as a tank, Tigreal is my topmost priority.

He is a very annoying tank to face off. Tigreal second skill allows him to push away enemies, minions, or even creeps. So most Tigreal users in the current meta do this annoying strategy to delay opponents jungler. He is a very sturdy tank with effective CC skills.

His ultimate allows him to pull surrounding enemy heroes and stun them. Combining the spell FLICKER with his ultimate is more efficient as it will take enemies by surprise. Tigreal is also a great initiator to start a team fight in MLBB(Mobile legends).

4. Kagura

Kagura hero in Mobile legends

Kagura, the Ying-Yang master is a mid lane mage. It is difficult to master Kagura, but with enough practice, she is yours. I first started playing her after watching the gameplay of one of my favorite streamers from NA server Gosu Hoon.

Kagura is rarely banned in ranked mode, and she plays the best role than other heroes to win the ranked matches in MLBB. Kagura uses her umbrella as her attacking mean.

As an active Kagura player, I know she comes in very handy during team brawls. Her ultimate has two phases based on YING YANG powers. When she throws her umbrella to poke the enemies, it pulls in the enemy heroes, and the second phase of ult allows her to push them away.

She can also handle 1vs1 situations very well. After the new revamp, she has gotten more Powerful after built with appropriate items. For Kagura, I like to use the spell EXECUTE to deal the final blow, but you can also equip other useful spells like FALMESHOT or Flicker.

5. Gusion

Gusion hero in MLBB

Gusion is a deadly assassin who is a challenging hero to learn and adapt to. You require quick hand motions and a Quick decision-making mindset to play Gusion for ranking up in Mobile legends. But once you master Gusion, he will turn out to be an exceptional assassin.

As he is hard to learn, he is overall picked lesser than other heroes, so the probability of him getting banned is very low.
He used to be played as core/jungler but is also actively picked for sideline as of a few metas.
I also started playing Gusion after watching Gosu Hoon play it.
And I’m spamming Gusion every chance I get to improve my gameplay.

His first skill allows him to throw a dagger at the opponent, which sets a mark and can use again to chase them. He carries a total of 10 daggers when abusing his ultimate along.
Gusion plays with combos, but the combos are indeed Difficult to master. After being comfortable with combos, you can try out different fun combos to secure a kill.

He can instantly meltdown the opponent’s squishy heroes with the right combo.
His ultimate allows him to blink and bring out the other 5 of his daggers.
So it is easy for Gusion to chase down the enemy or strategically retreat. Like every other hero in MLBB(Mobile legends), you can optimize his damage with the right build and items.