Minecraft Frog: All About this Amphibian Mob

Minecraft Frog: All About this Amphibian Mob

Minecraft update 1.19 has introduced frog, a new mob. Frogs are the small-sized passive mobs with 5 hearts of health found in 3 variants, and they spawn in the swamp biome and the new mangrove swamp biome near the water bodies in Minecraft.

How to get frogs in Minecraft?

There are many ways to get a frog in Minecraft- You can find it in the swamp biome or the mangrove swamp biome naturally and put a lead on it.

You can also make the frog follow you(Attract/Subdue) by taking a slime ball in your hand. They are like chickens and cows that follow if you have seeds and wheat in your hands. Unfortunately, you cannot tame frog-like horses, but you can keep them.

Another way to catch Minecraft frogs is to get tadpoles, as tadpoles are like eggs for the frogs, which will hatch when you place them in water. They are tiny and will eventually grow into becoming frogs.

You can find tadpoles in the mangrove swamp biomes just swimming around, and to capture swimming tadpoles in Minecraft, right-click with your bucket like an axolotl. You can also get tadpoles by breeding two frogs in egg form.

Minecraft Tadpoles

Skins(Types) of Frogs in Minecraft and what they provide

The frogs that spawn naturally are orange-colored, but to get a frog with different skin, you will need to farm the tadpoles in various areas in Minecraft. In Normal temperatures at places like beaches, rivers, forests, mushroom fields, plains, and hills, the tadpoles become orange frogs.

Orange skin Frog in Minecraft

In cold temperatures like Frozen lakes, Frozen peaks, and snowy beaches, the tadpoles grow into green skin frogs.

Green Skin Frog

Similarly, In warm temperatures at places like jungle biome, badlands, savanna, basalt biome, and nether wastes, the tadpoles grow into white frogs.

White skin Frog in Minecraft

In conclusion, there are three kinds of Frogs in Minecraft, and you can differentiate them by their skin(Orange, Green, and White) and habitat.

If we talk about the ability and behavior of frogs, then they can jump up to 8 blocks and attack with their tongue. They only attack small slime cubes and small magma cubes.

Minecraft frogs swallow small slime cubes to give slime balls and consume small magma cubes to give froglight color. Each different variant of frog gives a different color.

Orange-colored frog gives Ochre color, Green colored frog gives Verdant color, and White-colored frog gives Pearlescent.

How to breed frog in Minecraft?

Breeding Frogs in Minecraft

You can breed frogs using slime balls in Minecraft, as they love slime balls. Feed two frogs slime balls, and they will then mate. The pregnant frog will go to the nearest water body and lay its tadpole eggs. These tadpole eggs will grow to become tadpoles and then frogs slowly. You can feed tadpoles slime balls to turn them into frogs faster.

In Conclusion, Frogs are great pets-The froglight color is a great decoration block. They also kill slime cubes to give you slime balls.