How to Make a Snowman defense tower in Minecraft for protection?

How to Make a Snowman defense tower in Minecraft for protection?

Do you know? If you are not getting rid of mob attacks in Minecraft, you can build a snowman defense tower to protect your village base and villagers from these mobs.

You have heard about a dog protecting a house, a golem defending the village, but have you heard, a snowman can also safeguard a base.

Yes, a snowman can defend your living place by fighting with all dangerous and nasty mobs, but you simply have to add some creativity to it.

What is a snowman defense tower?

A snowman defense tower is a tower where you can place snowmen that will protect your base against mobs by shooting them with snowballs, or should I say fire snowballs because normal snowballs don’t deal any damage.

Steps of Building Snowman defense tower in Minecraft

To make a Snowman defense tower, you need these materials- 10 stone blocks,16 stone stairs, some carved pumpkins, 4 soul sand, flint and steel, and some snow blocks.

So, after you collect all the resources for making a snowman defense tower, you can follow these steps to complete your goal:

Step 1

Place 3 blocks on top of each other(Stone blocks are best).

Step 1 to make Snowman defense tower in Minecraft
Step 2

Place stone stairs at the bottom of the tower from each side.

Step 2
Step 3

Place stairs at the top upside down on all 4 sides.

Step 3
Step 4

Place 4 soul sand over each stair that you just placed so that you can put fire that won’t go out. (In Minecraft, you can find soul sand in the nether.)

Step 5

Place two Stone stairs above each soul sand. Then break the bottom layer of stairs. It makes like a window for the snowmen to shoot snowballs toward mobs.

Step 6

Now right-click\Tap on each soul sand with flint and steel to ignite the blue flame.

6th step of Building Snowman defense tower
Step 7

Place 1 stone block above the top stairs and start creating snowmen. To make a snowman, just put two snow blocks on top of each other, then place a carved pumpkin on the top. You can make at least 8 snowmen for the tower.

You can see the snowman doesn’t melt from the fire.

Step 8

Make a roof. In case of rain, the snowman melts. So to protect it from rain, build a roof at the top after you finish building all the snowmen.

There, you successfully created a snowman defense tower in Minecraft, and Now, wait for the mobs to spawn and see how the snowmen attack them. It looks cool too.

Snowman defense tower in Minecraft