How to make a lava farm in Minecraft near your house?

How to make a lava farm in Minecraft near your house?

In this article, you will know the steps to make a farm to produce a lot of Lava in Minecraft.

Minecraft world has lots of flowing Lava beneath the rocks as the earth has all around the mantle, and it is the most necessary resource in the game. But, if you go into it, it will kill you from excess heat like in real life.

You can find lava once you dig down enough- Also, it falls off from volcanoes and mountains.

Also, you can find random lava pools in the Minecraft world, and Nether is Another best place to get it.

What are the uses of Lava in Minecraft? Firstly, You can kill mobs using it- craft a bucket, fill it with lava and pour it on the enemies.

Also, you can use lava as a resource for burning, smelting, cooking purposes in the game.

Moreover, Lava is also called an item decimator- throw your resources in the Lava lake to erase an unnecessary item permanently.

So, finding Lava in Minecraft is a time-consuming task, and going to the Nether is very risky, but if you make farms in your village, you don’t need to travel deep lands and the Nether.

How you can build a lava farm in Minecraft

So to build a lava farm, the materials you will need are a cauldron, glass pieces, a bucket of lava, a dripstone block, and a pointed dripstone.

(Step 1): Build the cauldron.
You need 7 iron bars for it.

Cauldron helps to build lava farm in Minecraft

(Step 2): Place a glass block above the cauldron. Place the dripstone block above the glass block. Break the glass block and place the pointed dripstone below the dripstone block.

Steps to make Lava farm in Minecraft

You can find both dripstone block and pointed dripstone in the caves and ravines that spawn on the map. (Dripstones may be a little hard to find)

(Step 3): Place glass block around the dripstone block like in this picture so that there is a space to put lava in.

(Step 4): Finally, pour the lava in to make its farm in Minecraft.

How to make a lava farm in Minecraft near your house?
How to make a lava farm in Minecraft near your house?

The lava slowly drips from the pointed dripstone eventually giving you lava supply for a while. It will take some time for the lava to fill the cauldron. You can then collect the lava with your bucket.

But, if you need a lot of lava, using the same steps, you can always make multiple farms near your house in Minecraft.