Most Under-rated Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang- Top 3

Most Under-rated Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang- Top 3

There are few heroes in MLBB, which can play pivotal roles in team fights, yet, players use them rarely. So, you will know who are the most Under-rated heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang and their abilities.

While trying out or mastering the trendy heroes is fun and impressive, it is always better to adapt yourself to as many heroes as possible.

Giving a shot with an under-rated hero won’t hurt much, so let’s dive right into the topic.

Top 3 Under-rated Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

3) Estes

Estes: most underrated hero in MLBB

Estes is one of the rarely used support heroes in the MLBB. Even though his passive damage and his durability are not good enough, you cannot underestimate his healing ability.

Estes’s healing skill can be the best support for the entire team. Not to mention, he can also deal some magic damage to enemies whilst slowing them down with his second skill (Domain of Moon Goddess).

Moreover, the ultimate skill of Estes grants additional HP and increases the total magic power of the nearby allies.

2) Cecilion

Cecilion hero in Mobile legends

Cecilion, the vampire Mage, is a powerful spell caster with the best magical damage but less durability.

This hero is squishy and cannot fight alone in the game. So this is the reason Cecilion hero is underrated and rarely used by players in MLBB.

His second skill Sanguine Claws stuns the enemy and his first skill Bat impact deals significant magical damage.

Overall, Cecilion is a Strong mage and can be troublesome for the enemy in a team fight.

However, he can easily be killed if not positioned properly in the team fights, so players avoid using him.

3) Uranus

In third, we have Uranus, who is a tanky hero. Being a tank, this hero has very high HP and is durable in the team- fights.

If you use him with correct build items, his Regen ability makes him almost immortal and impossible to beat.

You might try using Hybrid Build for dealing some magical damage to the enemy team in the fight as a tanky fighter. Or you try to use the full Tank -Build and serve as a Tank in the team.

However, Uranus lacks hard CC skills because of which he is not often used as a tank.

Every hero in the game has its pros and cons. While people tend to learn meta-heroes and newly released heroes in Mobile legends(ML), they forget those under-rated ones that can play a crucial role in the victory.

But, you should master as many heroes as possible instead of depending on a particular hero or role.

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