Automatic sugarcane farm in Minecraft: How to make it?

Automatic sugarcane farm in Minecraft

In this article, you will learn to build an automatic sugarcane farm in Minecraft with steps, so I hope you are ready for this.

After Redstone came, the way of playing Minecraft has been changed- It is like the industrial revolution, and since then, the automatic farm is not unusual.

Sugarcane is a survival item, as you can use it to make paper by which you can craft different gadgets and things- For instance, Rockets are used to fly elytra in Minecraft, where paper is the raw material to prepare it. Now, let us come to the point.

Steps to build Minecraft Automatic Sugarcane Farm

The item required to make an automatically working sugarcane farm is 2 chests, 8 Sand, a water bucket, 8 Sugarcane, 8 pistons, 8 Redstone dust, 8 observers, and 8 building blocks. After you collect all the needed raw material, follow the steps.

Step 1

Dig two-block holes and place a chest in each space.

Step 2

Again dig two blocks on the side and place hoppers connecting to the chest.

second step to make automatic sugarcane farm in MInecraft

Step 3

Then, make a border, counting 8 blocks from the chest.
(Remember- You have to Count from the chest, not the hoppers.)

Step 4

Now, place water on one side and let it flow to the last hopper.

Step 5

Replace one side of the wall with sand/dirt, as this is the area where we are going to plant sugarcanes.

Step 6

Make a horizontal pillar using temporary blocks 1 block behind and 1 block up from the sand/dirt.
(Remember- you can break these blocks later.)

sixth step to build Minecraft automatic sugarcane farm

Step 7

Then insert the Pistons facing towards the sand blocks or the sugarcanes because we are going to plant sugarcanes on those blocks.

Step 8

Again make a horizontal pillar behind the pistons or place a building block behind each piston. (same thing)

Step 9

On top of pistons, place observers again facing toward the sand bocks.

Step 10

Place Redstone dust on the building blocks that you placed behind the pistons.

Automatic sugarcane farm also require redstone

Step 11

Now you can remove the blocks that you place below the pistons.
Finally, you completed the work of building an automatic farm in Minecraft, so now, plant sugarcane on the sand then the farming will automatically start.

The self working sugarcane farm is ready in Minecraft

If you wonder how this automatic sugar farm works in Minecraft, listen- here, the farm uses a simple Redstone mechanism. If you are interested in knowing Redstone, you will not feel bored reading this.

The water helps the sugarcanes to grow and stores the sugarcanes in the chest through the hopper. On the upper layer, observers observe the growth of sugarcanes and transfer the calls to the Redstone dust and the pistons. And when pistons receive the signals, the sugarcane breaks with pistons.