How can you make a hoglin farm in Minecraft?

How can you make a hoglin farm in Minecraft?

What are hoglins?

Hoglins are pig-like mobs in Minecraft that only spawn in the nether. If you compare a hoglin with a pig, you will find hoglins are bigger than pigs and show hostile behavior- If they see you, they will attack you. Hoglins have lots of health and deal a lot of damage, but you will get pork chop and leather by killing them. So, in this article, let us build a hoglin farm in Minecraft step by step with pictures.

Making a hoglin farm in Minecraft

The materials required to build a hoglin farm are 3 stacks of building blocks, 8 slabs, 5 dirt, 4 glass blocks, 7 hoppers, 4 chests, 9 fences, 15 trap doors, 5 warped fungus, some torch, a lava bucket, some temporary blocks, and 94 scaffoldings.

  • Since the hoglins only spawn in the nether, so you have to make the farm in the nether. So, you will have to start by going to the nether and finding the biome with red trees, also known as the crimson forest biome in Minecraft.
biome with red trees, also known as the crimson forest biome in Minecraft
  • You can find warped fungus in the warped forest with green trees or the crimson forest in Minecraft. Also, you can use bonemeal on the ground in this biome to produce this fungus.)
Step 1

After reaching the crimson forest biome, dig up to the roof until you reach bedrock.

Step 2

Press f3 or fn+f3 to see your coordinates. Find the bedrock that has the Y coordinate 127 and put a ladder up to that bedrock. Now, climb the ladder and throw an ender pearl just between the top bedrock and the ladder. This way, you will reach above the nether.

Now make a nether portal up here- It allows you to go back and forth easily.

Step 3
Nether portal in Minecraft
Step 4

Now, you need to build the hoglin farm starting from 4 blocks high. Stack your temporary blocks 4 blocks high

forth step to make Minecraft hoglin farm
Step 5

Place one block and then start making a 13*13 square area. Then replace the particular blocks with dirt blocks.

Step 6

Place the warped fungus on top of each dirt block. Then place a fence over it.

6th step to make hoglin farm
Step 7

On the opposite side of the fungus, place 4 blocks. Then make a 3 block high wall out of temporary blocks between the gap.

Step 8

Place 6 trapdoors on the wall and 3 in front of them. Then you can break the temporary blocks.

Step 9

On the side of the trapdoors, make two-block high pillars and place a slab on the top of both pillars. Then, put 2 fences each in front of them.

Step 10

Go down and place 3 slabs on the bottom trapdoors. Then cover the hole around with 2 blocks, and while placing the slabs, press crouch.

Tenth step to build hoglin farm in Minecraft
Step 11

Place 2 chests below the 2 blocks on the side, then add 2 more chests next to it. Now, place a hopper aiming at the chest at the bottom and crouch. This way, the items in the first chest get transferred to the second.

Step 12

Place 2 hopper in the hole connecting to the chest. Then fill the rest of the hole with the hopper connecting to the hopper that connects to the chest. While placing, hold crouch.

Step 13

Come to the backside of the hole and add 3 slabs like in the picture. The soul sand in the picture is used as a temporary block.

Step 14

Go up the platform and add trapdoors to the 6 hoppers in the hole holding crouch. Add lava into the trapdoor above.

14th step to make hoglin farm in Minecraft
Step 15

Light the whole platform with torches with 1 gap between each.

Hoglin farming house in Minecraft

There, your hoglin farm is ready in Minecraft- Now, you need to make an afk area. Make the afk area up to y coordinate 229.

hoglin farm in Minecraft

After a few mins, you can see the hoglins already spawning and dying, and t is how you can do hoglin farming in Minecraft.

hoglin spawning in farm in Minecraft