How to kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft easily?

How to kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft easily?

To finish Minecraft and see the credit scene, you need to kill one boss known as Ender Dragon. Ender Dragon may seem hard to beat, but it is easy once you know his weakness.

So, in this article, you will know some tips to find and defeat the mob boss in Minecraft.

Where can I find the Ender Dragon?

You can find the Ender Dragon at the end of the Minecraft world- a different dimension that contains endermen, the end city, shulker boxes, etc.

You can travel to the end once you have collected 12 eyes of Ender and the end portal in the stronghold.

Once you enter the portal, you will reach the end, and you need to dig upwards through the end stone. So, there you will see the Ender Dragon soaring through the sky.

How to kill the ender dragon in Minecraft

There are many methods to conquer the ender dragon, but you have to do one thing in all of those methods, and it is you must destroy the healing crystals that you find on top of the obsidian pillars.

There are 10 healing crystals among them, 2 are protected in the cage, and you must destroy each of them before attacking the dragon.

Destroy Healing crystal in Minecraft before attacking ender dragon

So, to destroy these crystals, you can use bows and arrows, eggs, and snowballs.

Killing ender dragon in Minecraft

To fight the Ender Dragon, you must be well-prepared with good armor, good weapons, food, and a bucket of water.

The dragon eventually attacks you and launches you into the air. So, to prevent fall damage, you have to use that bucket of water.

After destroying the healing crystals, these are the ways you can use to kill the ender dragon in Minecraft:

1) Normal way

The first way to kill him is the normal way. You can shoot him with your bow and arrow continuously until he comes down, and when he comes down, you can use your sword or ax to damage it. So, repeat the same process several times, and the Ender Dragon will die.

2) Use beds

Another way you can defeat the dragon is by using beds. Whenever you try to sleep in the nether and the end your bed will explode doing a lot of damage. It is a rather risky method though.

You will need at least 5-10 beds to kill the ender dragon, and this way is faster than the first one. When the dragon comes down, you need to place the bed down near the dragon and a block to cover yourself from the explosion.

Also, you can place the bed on top of the structure like in the picture. Right-click on the bed to make it explode so that the dragon will suffer huge damage. Do this for 5,8 times for the Ender Dragon to die.

3) Use TNT and End crystal

Instead of using beds, you can also beat the ender dragon using TNT and an end crystal the same way you use the bed. End crystals are more effective as they do a lot more damage.

To make the end crystals in Minecraft, you will need a ghast tear, one eye of ender, and 7 pieces of glass. You can make TNT using 5 gun powder and 4 blocks of sand.

These are the ways you can defeat the final boss dragon in Minecraft, but just be careful to consider your safety.