All about getting V-badge in Free fire

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Garena Free fire gives the three best things to the players by which they can decorate their profile to look unique from others- They are banners, avatars, and V-badge.

Players can unlock the banner and avatar without much effort, but they have to go through some difficulties to get a V badge.

The V-badge stands for the Varified badge. It is a reward that Free fire gives to some selected players who are loyal and dedicated to the game.

Only about 0.5% of FF players have indeed got a chance to decorate their profile with the V badge symbol. It is one of the most recognizable achievements for the players.

How to get V-badge in Free fire?

Yes, anyone can get a V badge, but you must be eligible for it. Either you have to be a YouTuber who creates relevant content of Free fire to become a verified player.

Your channel must have 100K subscribers, and you should add content daily that promotes the game ethically.

Also, you can promote Free fire content through verified pages and profile on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Or, You can also add the V-badge logo in Free fire by taking part in a different tournament such as temporary/unofficial and Official.

But, don’t miss any tournament, and the more you contribute your time in these competitions, the faster you will become an owner of the V badge.

So, either become a game promoter and influencer or play local and official tournaments with a dedication to obtaining a V-badge in FF.

(i) Temporary/Unofficial tournament:- It is hosted by other e-sports organizations/websites such as Game TV tournaments, CRx tournaments. But, from these unofficial methods, you will not get the V badge permanently. They will grant you the badge for 3 to 7 days.

(ii) Official tournament:- It is the official contest hosted by Garna itself as FFIC, FFBC, and other regional tournaments. So, if you regularly take part in such competition, you will unlock the V badge for permanent.

In conclusion, the Verified badge is a reward that you can obtain by proving you are a true fan of Garena FF. So, if you get this trophy, you will be recognized by global players.

Can a Noob player get a V badge in FF?

It doesn’t matter if you are Noob is Pro in Free fire, but you should be a committed payer and promoter to get the V-badge.

Benefits of getting a V badge

Verified badge in FF

All players want the verified badge logo for one benefit, and it is recognition. If you are a verified player, you are a VIP in the game. You will get respect from others if you have the V badge mark attached to your profile near the avatar.

Can I purchase a V badge with diamonds in Free fire?

It is a special reward, and some others might tell you that you can buy a V badge with diamonds, but it is wrong. It is the most reputable achievement, and you should earn it.