Best gold characters in Free fire with an ability like a diamond character

Best gold characters in Free fire with an ability like a diamond character

In Garena Free fire, you can get different skins and characters for free and using diamond, gold. However, the diamond Topup is compulsory to unlock the special character.

It’s difficult to defeat the payer who has all the powerful characters in their inventory. So, there is only two way to win over a Topup player- Firstly, you also Topup. Secondly, make yourself a pro player with more practice and time investment.

But every player is not rich to spend their money on the diamond. So, the question arises, ‘How can I defeat a rich player without having the diamond characters?’ ‘Can I unlock diamonds character for free in Free fire?’

The answer is No. You can’t get diamond characters for free. But, you can unlock some OP characters by using gold that has abilities like a diamond character in FF. Let’s discuss

Top 5 gold characters in Free fire that has ability like a diamond characters


  • Special Power: Bushido
Photo of Hayato character: Best gold characters in Free fire

It is a most dangerous character that you can unlock by using gold in FF. The price of Hayato is 8000 gold.

The ability of the Hayato is, with every 10% decrease in Max HP, armor penetration increase by up to 10% on the first level.

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  • Special Power: Gangster’s Spirit
Photo of Antonio: Best gold characters in Free fire like diamond character

It is another best gold character that requires 8K gold to unlock and it can perform like a diamond character in the battleground. The ability of Antonio is, it receives up to 35 extra HP when the round starts.


  • Special Power: Muay Thai
Photo KLA gold character

It is a famous muay Thai practitioner, but most players think it’s useless and ignore it.

However, the KLA is the best male gold character that increases the damage of fist up to 400%. So, don’t ignore KLA- it is best for the 1 VS 1 match(Solo).


  • Special Power: Dead silent
Photo of Rafael character in Free fire

The other name of Rafael is a deadly killer that has the skills to defeat the diamond character in Free fire if you use it perfectly. It is a super male character that you can get by using gold.

Its first level ability is silencing effect when using sniper and Marksman riffle- Enemies shot and downed suffer 20% faster HP loss.


  • Special Power: Hacker’s Eye
Photo of Moco character

The nickname of the gold character Moco is chat noir, and she can hack into any computer stealthily. After getting the necessary info, she disappears like a ghost.

She is the best gold female character in the free fire, and she can tag the enemies that she shot for a few seconds.


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