Best gun combinations for custom room clash squad in Free fire

Best gun combinations for custom room clash squad in Free fire

What gun combinations do you use while playing custom room clash squad in Free fire? If you don’t know the best combo, then let’s describe it.

Nowadays, the craze of custom room matches is increasing among the players. Everyone wants to challenge their friends to know who is the better. And in the custom matches, you can play any mode like 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2, and 4 VS 4.

If you lose the match, your opponent will laugh at you, saying, ‘you are a Noob’. You know it hurts when someone says Noob after losing by mistake.

So, you should try your best to defeat your opponent in the custom room matches to prove yourself a better and skilled player. However, for that, you should consider these things:

(I) Use powerful weapon
(II) Good aiming skill
(III) More practice

But the most necessary thing to win 1 VS 1, 2VS 2, 4 VS 4 matches in the Custom room clash squad in Free fire is a perfect gun combination. Do you know a 50% winning chance depends upon your gun combo for custom?

Top 5 gun combinations to win Custom room clash squad in Free fire

M1887 and AUG

Best gun combinations to win Custom room clash squad in Free fire: M1887 and AUG

The gun combination of M1887 and AUG is the best for those players who are the master of long-range battles.

The AUG gun gives high damage even without skin from long distances, and it is also the best gun for a headshot. Similarly, the M187 is the perfect gun for the close-range fight.

So, a combo of a long-range and short-range gun can give you victory in the custom match in Free fire.

MP5 and MP40

Photo of MP5 and MP40: Top weapon combo in Free fire

The super combination of MP5 and MP40 weapons is best for the players who always rush on the enemy in Free fire.

The MP40 is suitable for the mid-range battle, and MP5 is best for the short-range fight. So, you can become a hero of the matches by using the MP5 and MP40 combo. But don’t fire MP5 continuously- it can disturb your aim.

MP14 and AWM

Photo of MP14 and AWM: best weapon combination

If you want to practice to be a pro of the Free fire custom room clash squad, then the gun combo of MP14 and AWM is perfect for you.

The MWM is a long-range weapon that gives massive damage to the enemy. The one-shot of AWM is enough to reduce the health of your opponent by 70%. So, you have to rush on your enemy with MP14 after giving an AWM shot.

M1014 and M1887

Photo of M1014 and M1887: best gun combinations in Free fire

Another OP gun combination for the custom match is M1887 and M1014- It’s a combo of short-range weapons.

Both M1887 and M1014 are close-range guns. So, you have to direct rush on your enemy with dedication and confidence by using cover and Gloo wall.

M1887 and UMP

Photo of 1887 and UMP: Top gun combinations in Free fire

The combination of M1887 and UPM weapons is perfect for the custom clash squad mode in Free fire. The accuracy and bullet speed of the UPM are best.

Also, it is a suitable gun to shot on the head. The UMP is best for the mid-range and short-range fight in FF.

Furthermore, M1887 is best for close-range fights. So, rock the match by using the perfect weapon combination of UMP and MAT87 in FF.

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