The best place to use landmine in a free fire ranked match.

Booyah in free fire game.

Do you use a landmine in the ranked match, and do you know where to place a landmine to kill the enemy in the free fire?

The landmine is a hidden bomb that surprises the enemy with a big blast. It activates in 3 seconds. However, most of the players forget to use landmines in the matches.

The best place to use landmine in a free fire ranked match
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The landmine is the most effective weapon that gives more damage to the enemy, and by using a landmine, you can kill some enemies without taking a risk.

The landmine can be used in the squad, solo, and duo modes. However, in the solo mode, you get the best result of landmine because there is no knock.

But, due to the storage problem, many players don’t pick up landmines which is the wrong choice.

Yes, there is a storage problem, so you should not store landmines for a long time. Instead, you should use them in the best place immediately after you pick them up.

So, we will discuss the 7 best locations to fit landmines in the free fire battleground.

Best place to fit landmine in a classic ranked match of free fire

1. Airdrop strategies.

Airdrop is the best situation to use landmine in a ranked match. If you get airdrop nearby, then activate the landmine, leave the loot for your enemy and run away from there.

When your enemy comes for airdrop loot, he gets your landmine surprise and dies there. So, this trick is a more successful way to kill your enemy with a landmine in a Free fire-ranked match.

2. On the top floor

The top floor is another suitable area to fit landmines. Most of the time, you get to rush onto the balcony. So that time, you must have a plan to use a landmine, because on the top floor enemy feels difficult to spot landmines. Also, your landmine will not fail you because of a small area.

3. Enemy loot box

After you kill the enemy, your other opponent waits for the loot box. So, in that situation, place the landmine near the loot box. They will fly with the land mine boom.

4. Behind the Gloo wall

You should use the landmine in the FF battleground when your enemy spots you and rush on you.

(i) First, switch the Gloo wall immediately.
(ii) Use the landmine around the Gloo wall.
(iii) Scape the area and take another cover.

So, don’t forget to use a landmine with Gloo wall in free fire ranked match.

5. Place near big loot.

Activating the Free fire landmine near the more loot place is the best strategy because, in such a place, your enemy will focus on loot, not on the landmine.

6. Use in the infobox and jump pads.

Every player uses an infobox and a jump pad. You know, a jump pad is used to jump or fly from one place to another and players use it to travel safe zone.

An Infobox is helpful to know the next zone of the battleground, and you will get an info box at any place on the map. Therefore, the infobox and jump pad are always full of fo enemies, so use a landmine there and see the magic.

7. Use in a four-wheeler

Every player rides a car in the ranked matches in the Free fire. And your task is to jump in the car and place the landmine on top. It’s a bit difficult place to use landmine, but best if you can.


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