The Matchmaking problem in pubg mobile? How to fix it?

Match making in pubg mobile.

There are more than a million pubg mobile players, but also the matchmaking problem exists.
Sometimes it consumes more than 10 minutes to make a match.

Also, sometimes a player gets a match, but in the bot lobby. And it is not good for the plus.

And the pubg mobile matching problem happens in FPP (solo, duo and squad) mode.

Above 80% of player prefer to play TPP mode.

And 20% of player play FPP to push the pubg rank to conqueror tire.

After they reach in conqueror, they quiet to play FPP mode.

So, FPP mode has always fewer players in comparison to TPP.
As a result, the match matching problem arises in the pubg mobile.

I know most of the player waits a long time to start the match because of Pubg matchmaking issue. So, their time get waste without a try.

Therefore here are the tips to solve the matchmaking issue in PUBG mobile.

The solution to fix the matchmaking problem in PUBG mobile

  1. Map matters

On PUBGM, more than 60% of player prefer to play on Erangle and Livik map. And least players land on Vekendi, Sanhok and Miramar map.
Now see the difference;

If you select the Vekendi, Miramar and Sanhok map, then it will take a lot of time to load the match. Yes, you will get a match loading time problem.
Because there is less player in those maps. And they may not be active all the time.

Therefore, I suggest you choose Erangle and Livik map to fix the PUBGM matching problem.

  1. Play from starting time.

This point is important for those who are trying to push conqueror.

I already mentioned there is a less active player on FPP, so the match loading time increases.

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But during the starting days of the new season, the trend becomes the opposite. Most of the player come back to FPP to push the rank.

In that time, there is a balance between FPP and TPP mode. And after pushing the rank, the player again jumps to TPP.
So, again the matchmaking problem creates.

Therefore, to solve the PUBGM matchmaking issue, play the FPP from starting time.
Meaning immediately after a new season.

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In that time, it will be easy for you to increase your rank because of medium competition and no more match loading time.

In conclusion, play the FPP when the new season arrives to solve the Pubg matchmaking problem.

By Rishi

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