How to get free emotes in Pubg mobile? Without using VPN

pubg mobile emots.

I don’t have Pubg mobile emotes, and how I can get it for free? Yes, I know how you feel when someone shows you emote activity, but you don’t have one.

But, don’t use third-party applications and VPN to get free emotes in PUBG mobile. Because the game has not allowed using such apps to unlock something for free.

Therefore, don’t let your ID get banned using unacceptable applications and VPNs to get emotes.

Here we will discuss the source to get free PUBGM emotes without using an unknown application.

The best source to get more emotes in PUBG mobile for free.

How to get free emotes in Pubg mobile? Without using VPN
best emotes

1. Royale pass rewards.

The best source to get free emote is Pubg mobile new season royale pass.
But I will not describe this topic because you know better than me.

However, I can give you tips to increase your RP rank quickly to get more dancing emotes in every new season

Reach in the 20 RP rand and get 1 emote for free.

2. From character

You can collect many emotes from the Pubg mobile character crate.

In the character box, you get special rewards for each character like Victor, Sara, Andy, and Carlo.

Rewards are Outfits, free emotes, voice, and shards.

To get a character crate;
(I) First switch on the character except the default one.
(II) Play matches except on the training ground and Cheer park.

And to open the character crate:
(I) Go to the workshop.
(II) Tap on the character.
(III) Tap on the character crate and open it.

But only you can open the crate if you make 1000 points for one.

3. Unlock mythic outfits

By unlocking the mythic outfit, you will get emote for free. On PUBGM, some outfits have unique emote.

So, if you succeed to unlock them, you will get double the surprises.
However, the chance of getting mythic items is low than other items.

4. Complete event mission

The event ‘official collaboration with baby shark’ is available in the PUBGM.

In this event, you have to complete some missions to claim one free emote permanently.

The missions are:
(I) log in to the game for 1 baby shark.
(II) Complete 1 match while in a group with friends for 1 baby shark.
(III) Complete 3 matches while in a group with friends for 2 baby sharks.

(IV) Complete 5 matches while in a group with friends for 3 baby sharks.
(V) Send 10 hearts to friends for 1 Baby shark.
(VI) Send 1 baby shark popularity to a friend.

So, collect 30 baby sharks in Pubg mobile and get a emote without spending UC.


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