How to get more RP points in PUBG mobile? Increase RP rank.

How to get more RP points in PUBG mobile? Increase RP rank.

Today we will discuss the best ways to earn more RP points for free to increase royale pass rank in PUBG mobile.

In the PUBG mobile, there is a maximum of 100 royale pass rank(RP rank). And the player needs to get 100 RP points to get 1 RP rank.

They can get different types of attractive rewards like outfits, weapons, skins, bag pack skins, more silver fragments, BPs, emotes, costume cards,s and many more, in each rank.

You know you can reach up to 100 RP rank. After that, your RP points are stored. And form those extra RP points, you can purchase RP crate, paintbox, parachute trail, RP badge, and many more.

Therefore the player wants to earn many RP to increase their rank for royale pass. And to purchase extra rewards with RP points.

This article is all about the tips to make 100 RP rank in the PUBG mobile.

These are the tips to earn more RP points to increase Royale pass rank in PUBG mobile.

  1. Daily missions
Daily missions

Before the PUBGM update, you couldn’t get any RP points from the daily missions.

But, from the new season, PUBG mobile has introduced a new feature for the ‘daily missions’.

So, by completing those missions, you can get free RP every day.

For example, login rewards, add one friend, give heart chicken to your friend, give like your teammate.

  1. Season challenge
Season challenge

In every new season, the PUBG mobile introduces challenge missions as bonus achievements. So, those season challenges are the best source to earn more RP points.

Again, in the new season, you can increase your RP rank by completing ‘season match time‘.

You will only get RP points to form the classic matches, but not from metro royale mode, training ground, Cheerpark, infection, and arcade mode.

But, while playing classic matches, you should play with squad and duo only to get extra RP points.

  1. Crate opening
Crate opening

Another tip to increase RP points is opening the crates. By opening the premium crate and classic crate, you can get 10 RP points in each ‘crate’.

Therefore, those crates can also help you to collect free RP points to increase your RP rank.

So those are the best ways to get free PUBG mobile RP points to upgrade your royale pass rank easily.

And if you follow those tips, you can collect more than 2000 RP points.

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