How to change server in Mobile legends?

How to change server in Mobile legends?

Playing on the same server might be boring sometimes. There might be many reasons you want to change your server to a different region in Mobile legends. As you know, there are various servers in each region/country.

Why switch the server in MLBB?

One of the reasons you might want to switch the server in MLBB is matchmaking time.

At the same time, there might not be enough players on the server. Since mobile legends are in a 5V5 game, there might not be enough players online for match matching. As a result, the match will be unable to start.

Mobile legends is more Popular in Asia than in the west. So the west side might face matchmaking problems.

Another reason you might want to change the server is the environment. If your server has a lot of toxicity which means trash-talking and cursing at you all the time, then that ruins your mood to play. To change the environment, you can switch your server to another region in MLBB.

Another reason you might want to change the server is to increase your rank fast in MLBB. Some servers may be easier to push your level than your Normal server.

For Nepali mobile legends players, the Indian servers might be best for the rank push.

How to change the server in Mobile legends (MLBB)?

Low ping in MLBB

It is my Normal ping and network status while on the Nepali server. You can see all the players are from Nepal. (Some players are just changing the flags for fun.)

So, here are the steps to change the server in ML. (Before starting, remove MLBB from the background if it is running in the background)

(Step 1): Open Google play store or Apple store and search for VPN.

(Step 2): Download any VPN you like and open it. When you open the app, the app will give you instructions on how to change the server to another region.

Here I used a secure VPN. You have to tap the button on the top right and select the country you want to jump in.

(Step 3): Once you activate the VPN, you will get a notification on your notification bar showing the download and upload speed. Now you can launch Mobile legends, and you will see the change in the server. I put my server in the USA.

You can see- I matched up with players with the USA flags, and my ping is different. The USA is in the opposite hemisphere and far from my place, so the ping is very high.

High ping after changing the Mobile legnends server to USA

So look at ping before starting a match. And also, switch to a server that gives you a stable ping where you are comfortable while playing mobile legends.