Minecraft saddle: Where to find it and its uses?

Minecraft saddle: Where to find it and its uses?

What is a saddle?

A saddle is a rare item in Minecraft that you cannot craft, but you can find it in some special places. In this game, You can use a Saddle to ride different mobs that spawn in the world.

Firstly, you should tame the animals like horses, donkeys then only you can put a saddle on them.

To tame horses and donkeys, you will have to clear whatever item is in your hand and constantly right-click/tap its back.

This way, you will ride its back- while doing, so the horse will kick you out, but you have to try again. This way, you can tame a horse in Minecraft.

You can ride horse in by using saddle

But, some animals you don’t need to tame to put on saddle such as pigs, striders, etc. You cannot control them, though you will need a fishing rod with a carrot to lead the pig the way.

Where can you find the saddle in Minecraft?

You’ll ask how to make a saddle in Minecraft, but I already mentioned that it is a non-craftable item, which requires much effort to find it.

So, the most probable places you can find a saddle are in the chests in the desert temple, nether fortress, a stronghold which are also hard to find. Also, you will get saddle while fishing or afk fish farming.

Furthermore, You have a chance of getting a saddle after killing the ravager that comes with pillagers during raids.

If you are lucky enough, you can get a saddle sometimes in village chests.

Minecraft chest with saddle

Moreover, You may also get a chance to trade items for a saddle with a max-level leatherworker.

What are saddles used for in Minecraft?

The saddle is merely used for traveling purposes because, you know, in Minecraft, traveling on land is quite troublesome. Your character is not fast enough to cover large distances.

So you can use a saddle for the mobs such as llama, horses, mules to travel long distances. Similarly, In the nether, you can travel long distances in lava by riding on the striders.

Riding  strider in Minecraft with saddle

You will need to have warped fungi on a stick to move it, though. You cannot move it manually like horses.

To equip a mob with a saddle, you must have a Saddle in your hand and right-click\tap the mob.