How to get the uneasy alliance advancement in Minecraft easily?

How to get the uneasy alliance advancement in Minecraft easily?

What is the uneasy alliance advancement?

Uneasy alliance advancement is the Hardest late-game achievement in Minecraft that only some players can achieve.

Players have to safely bring the ghast to the overworld from the nether then kill it to get the uneasy alliance advancement.

But, What do players do to finish this achievement? They sit on their chair for hours and try to pull the Ghast into the nether portal using a fishing rod, which is not a good idea. So, we will discuss a simple way to deal with ghast to complete this advancement in Minecraft.

How to get uneasy alliance advancement in Minecraft

Firstly, you need to build a structure\farm that allows the ghast to spawn into the nether then transfer it into the overworld in Minecraft.

The farm will help to bring the Ghast into your world so that you can beat him to finish the uneasy alliance achievement easily.

Materials needed: 2 stacks of obsidian, A flint and steel, 3 Stacks building blocks, 2 stacks carpet, 10-15 ladders, an ender pearl or 2, and a weapon.

(Step 1)

Go to the nether and Dig up to the roof until you reach bedrock. Once you see bedrock, check your coordinates using f3 or Fn+f3. Among the bedrocks, you must find the highest bedrock of y-coordinate 127. (You can go to the nether by building a portal and activating it with flint and steel)

(Step 2)

Now build a ladder up to that block. Now take your ender pearl in your hand and aim it exactly on the middle of the top bedrock and the last ladder.

(Step 3)

You will reach above the bedrock of nether, but don’t worry, this isn’t hacking. Then you have to find a soul sand valley biome. So, check out your coordinates and keep running until you find one. (When you press f3 or fn+f3, you can see on the center-left what biome you are in)

soul sand valley biome in Minecraft
(Step 4)

Once you arrive in the soul sand valley, build a 20 blocks wide and 6 blocks high nether portal.

Nether portal to get the uneasy alliance advancement in Minecraft
(Step 5)

Keep a 4 blocks distance and build another portal with the same dimension as the first one.

(Step 6)

Leave two blocks on each side and cover the remaining space between portals.

sixth step to get the uneasy alliance advancement in Minecraft
(Step 7)

Build a roof like a floor, leaving two blocks at each side like the picture. To make this, you can put blocks over the obsidian first but later break it.

(Step 8)

After this, place carpets all over the roof so that ghast don’t spawn up.

(Step 9)

Go through one of the nether portals and break it. Then make a 5*5 nether portal again. (My respawn was a cave, so I cleared a little area to stop ghast from suffocating and dying.) If your respawn area is also a cave, try to build an 8*8*8 area around the portal.

ninth step to complete the uneasy alliance advancement in Minecraft
(Step 10)

Go back using the nether portal and make a scaffolding tower at the partial center of the roof. The tower should be a height of 171 y coordinate.

(Step 11)

Now you wait for a few mins and stay afk so that the ghast will spawn. After some time, you can go back to the portal and check whether it has spawned or not. If Ghast has spawned, you can kill it to complete the uneasy alliance advancement in Minecraft.

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