Which are the Intelligence Heroes in Dota 2?

Which are the Intelligence Heroes in Dota 2?

In Dota 2, there are three attributes, and Heroes falls into different categories according to those attributes. They are Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. But this topic is about the best Intelligence heroes in Dota 2.

Intelligence heroes gain a higher mana pool and mana regeneration than heroes in other attributes. They are mostly skill casters, early to late-stage heroes, and as with everything, they are also good in later stages of the battle.

Top 5 Intelligence heroes in Dota 2

1) Puck

Puck in Dota 2

Puck is an intelligence hero who is ranged, and you can play him as a ganker and initiator in Dota 2. This somewhat cute dragon is an aggressive hero who can create great escapes and juke.

The puck can teleport places with his skills to gank or escape from enemies. It can become immune and also deal a great deal of damage.

2) Storm Spirit

The storm spirit is another hero on this list. As you can probably guess from his name, this hero can control the power of lighting. He can best crowd control and low cooldown skills that you can use to farm efficiently.

He is a good ganker and can also carry the team if it comes to it. As you can guess from his element, Strom spirit also has high mobility, which makes him a great ganker. The main difference with other heroes is that it doesn’t have a cooldown.

3) Invoker

Best intelligence hero in Dota 2: Invoker

Invoker is bound to be on the list of intelligence heros in Dota 2 as he is the most popular hero in the game because of his flexible feature. He can become a ganker, carry, jungle, or even support.

The best thing about Invoker is that he has 14 skills in his arsenal. He can stun enemies, damage them from a global range, slow them, drain their mana, strengthen his teammates, become invisible, and do many other cool things, which you might want in your hero.

4) Lina

Lina hero in Dota 2:

She is a ganker hero who can dish out a lot of damage. Lina is an intelligence mage hero, has very high burst damage, and can kill enemies in the blink of an eye.

But this means that she is weak defensively and can die herself easily. She has the best early stages of the game, but she truly shines in the later mid-stages of the game.

Lina also has some reliable crowd control ability with some best movement speed.

5) Bat rider

Bat rider is the last hero on this list who is good at poking and harassing the hell out of enemies in Dota 2. If you don’t like to get poked, then this hero to face is your nightmare.

As the name suggests, the hero rides on the dragon-like bat that makes him very mobile on the battlefield. Bat rider is one of the most powerful intelligence heroes in Dota 2. His skills are best for killing the carry of a team effortlessly.

These are the best intelligence heroes reigning supreme as of right now in Dota 2. These heroes are your way to go if you like to play support or play the mid-lane role.

Also, these heroes can dish out damage, and at the same time, provide sufficient crowd control for the team.