Best Assassin heroes in MLBB that you must pick

Best Assassin heroes in MLBB that you must pick

Role of Assassin Heroes

Assassin heroes play the role of hyper in the MLBB. They commonly equip the reattribution spell and go directly into the jungling area to kill the nature creeps to get experience and farm level.

After gaining enough farm and exp level, ML assassins focus on roaming and killing the enemy heroes and carry the game by fighting in the team-fight, ganking, etc.

So, let’s know who are the best assassins in Mobile legends that you can pick to win the fight effortlessly.

Top 5 Assassin heroes in MLBB:

1) Alucard

Alucard: Best assassin in MLBB

Alucard is a melee hero, and in my experience, he is one of the best assassin heroes in the mobile legends. Once this hero exp and farm completes, it becomes too Powerful.

In the late game, he can charge towards an enemy dealing some damage to them. And his whirling smash skill deals heavy damage in an area. Alucard can launch an attack dealing the high damage and gets life steal up to 20% or more.

2) Fanny

Fanny hero in MLBB

Fanny is a melee hero in MLBB who can also play a good assassin role in the competitive battle.

This hero falls under the extreme level of difficulty to master and to control, but once you know him better, you will win every Mobile legend fight for sure. Fanny can even dominate the game with the average exp level and farm.

3) Saber

Saber hero in Mobile legends

After the revamp, Saber has become a better assassin and overpowered hero in Mobile legends. Saber can be played in hyper lane equipping reattribution spell, in both exp and gold lane.

Saber can deal massive damage to a large area under his ability range. Also, he can blink towards a location to escape when he is in low health or killing the running enemy heroes. His other ability deals damage to enemy units.

4) Yi sun-shin

Powerful assassin in MLBB: Yi sun-shin hero

Yi sun-shin is the most useful melee/range hero for the team fight MLBB. He can dominate the game from the early start to get high kills for the team overall.

His ability grants him to blink and give bonus damage, and he can cast all over the map and helps to know the location of the enemy dealing and heavy amount of damage.

5) Zilong

Zilong hero in MLBB

Zilong is a fighter/assassin hero and is considered one of the most commonly chosen heroes in the MLBB(mobile legends). She can toss the enemy dealing the damage, and bring it to the allied units.

Her second ability helps her to charge towards an enemy dealing massive damage. Also, she gets bonus damage and bonus movement to take more benefits in the fight.

Zilong can dominate the MLBB fight from the early start and, in the late game, can kill the marksman mage supports in 1 hook and 1 shot.