Which are the rare skins in MLBB?

Which are the rare skins in MLBB?

There are a lot of buyable skins in Mobile legends, and most of them, players can only obtain via gacha by spending thousands of diamonds. However, some skins are the hardest to obtain and rare in MLBB. They are almost impossible to get after you have lost your chance to get them.

Top 5 rare skins in MLBB

1) Blue Spectre

Rare skin in MLBB:  Layla’s Blue Specter skin

Undoubtedly, Layla’s Blue Specter is the rarest skin in Mobile legends. It is so rare that even veteran players with almost all the skins lack this item.

MLBB never sold Blue Specter skin officially online, but it was sold through offline events in the only Philippines and has never come in resale again. You have hit the jackpot if you get an account with this skin.

In all my years of playing the game, I have never seen anyone using Layla’s skin because it is so rare in MLBB.

2) King of Supremacy

Rarest skin in MLBB(MOBILE LEGENDS): Aldous’s King of Supremacy

Aldous’s King of Supremacy is another rare skin in the Mobile legends. This skin was only available once during the first world championship of MLBB and has never come into the sale.

If you missed that chance of getting King of Supremacy skin, you are not likely to get it now.

This skin has cool skin effects and entry animation. They are all dedicated to the M1 World championship because it came for that tournament.

3) Stun skins

The stun skin in MLBB

The stun skin is a series of skins that features Chou, Selena, and Brody in MLBB. These skins were related as a dedication to a music video, and all the heroes looks like a band group of musicians

The reason for being stun skins so rare is they were released exclusively for a music video and are likely to be never resold again in the MLBB store.

These skins feature some of the most beautiful and colorful skin effects in ML.

4) Star Wars skins

Star Wars Series skins in Mobile legends(MLBB)

The fourth on our list is the Star Wars Series skins. The skins came as a collaboration of the Mobile legends with Star Wars movies.

In these skins, Argus is featured as the iconic villain, Darth Vader, and Cyclops as our lovable character. All the skill and voice lines match with the Star Wars series.

Both the heroes talk like the respective characters that they are representing.

5) Shura

Hayabusa’s Shura skin is rare in MLBB

Hayabusa’s Shura skin was just released recently and is already one of the rarest skin in the MLBB. It came exclusively for November 11 mega sale and went by the theme of Mobile legends Bang Bang.

Even the Shura skin is rare in gacha events. Shura skin is attractive and features a new entry animation, and the animation of the ultimate is perfect.

These are the rarest skins in MLBB that are almost impossible to buy after you have missed the opportunity to buy them. The only way you can buy them now is- if they resale these skins once again via other gacha events. And that will cost you a lot of diamonds and money.