How can you turn a villager into a Witch in Minecraft?

How to turn a villager into a Witch in Minecraft?

Do you know? You can make your villager into a witch in Minecraft to get some benefits.

What is a witch in Minecraft?

A witch is a strange grey-colored hostile mob wearing a hat on its head.

These mobs have very high health and attack you by throwing potions from a range. They also heal themselves while attacking you, so it is hard to kill them.

They will show hostile behavior toward you and attack you, but they will be neutral for other mobs.

The witch will not attack the villagers, not even an iron golem, but they help pillagers while raiding by healing them.

Witch villager in Minecraft

According to the story, the witch used to be a potions maker villager in Minecraft, but other villagers outcasted him because of his experiments.

Where can you find a witch?

A witch usually spawns in dark places like deep caves, mineshafts in Minecraft. Also, you can find a witch in village areas or random places, but it is unusual.

Witch in Minecraft

Furthermore, the witch rarely lives in their hut located in the swamp biome in Minecraft. Their house has a cauldron and a crafting box with a black cat.

What can you get from the witch in Minecraft?

The witch drops random loot when dying, and the most common thing you will get from the witch are empty glass bottles, sticks, Redstone dust, spider eye, gunpowder, and sugar.

If you kill a witch in Minecraft when it’s drinking a potion, you will get a potion of healing, fire resistance, etc.

How to turn a villager into a witch in Minecraft?

Besides finding a witch, you can make one yourself, but there are conditions to it.

So, to convert a villager into a witch in Minecraft, you require some materials- a trident, an anvil, and an enchantment book containing channeling.

(Step 1)

Firstly, enchant your trident with channeling. You will get trident with a high chance by killing the trident carrying drowned in Minecraft. Only a few drowned carry tridents. This way, your trident can absorb the lightning from the clouds.

(Step 2)

Now, wait for the thunderstorm weather. You can only make a villager into a witch in a rainy and thunder striking climate. Keeping the villager in the fence is not necessary.

(Step 3)

Aim your trident and throw it at the villager.

Convert villager into witch in Minecraft

There will be a small explosion and fire. There, your villager has converted into a witch and will start attacking you.