Best enchantments for armor in Minecraft to survive longer – Top 5

Best enchantments for armor in Minecraft to survive longer - Top 5

Enchantments are a key part of Minecraft that players can cast upon their equipment, including armor, to make them more powerful.

There are numerous enchantments in the game, and the stronger you have, the more likely you will survive in the Minecraft world.

So, here are the top 5 enchantments that make armor stronger so that you can stand longer in the lava, mobs attack, and other dangerous situations.

Top 5 armor enchantments in Minecraft

1) Fire Protection

In Minecraft, you will die and lose everything falling into the lava. You don’t know what is down there when you are digging, and if you fall in a lava lake, you will not get a chance to use any potions.

However, armor with Fire protection enchantment can help you survive longer in the lava. So, if you are in the diamond mining mission in Minecraft, you have to enchant your all-body armor with fire protection.

Condition 1

Here are 2 conditions in which I stayed in lava for 30 seconds in Minecraft; one with just diamond armor and another fully enchanted with fire protection diamond armor:

Fire protection armor IV enchantment in Minecraft
Condition 2

As you can see, I have just lost 1 and half a heart in the second condition due to fire protection.

2) Blast protection

The first early enemy for all the players is the creeper. A green creep that crawls at your back every time can destroy everything while you are working.

So, to survive from creeper attack, you can enchant your armor with blast protection. The blast protection is one of the Powerful armor enchantments in Minecraft that not only save you from creepers but also other explosive items like ender crystal, TNT.

I placed 3 creepers on both cases- one with normal diamond armor and another with enchanted blast protection diamond armor. As you can see, in the first one, I respawned, but in the second case, I only lost 4 hearts.

Best enchantments for armor in Minecraft to survive longer - Top 5
Condition 1
Blast protection IV enchantment for armor in Minecraft

3) Feather Falling

There is always a chance you fall from a height during a journey. Especially in the new update with the deep caves, you will fall from high and respawn with an empty hand.

Falling into ravines and deep caves is common in Minecraft, but you can protect your health by wearing feather falling enchanted armor.

Condition 1

I jumped from a 20 block height twice- with normal diamond armor and once with enchanted diamond armor with feather falling. In the first one, I lose 6 hearts of damage, but in the second trial, I lose one and a half hearts.

Feather falling IV enchantment for armor in Minecraft
Condition 2

4) Projectile Protection

The most harmful attacks come from ranged mobs as they wither, skeletons, blazes, pillagers.

Projectile protection is one of the best enchantments for armor to survive against arrows of skeletons, ghast blasts, Fire from blazes in Minecraft. It is useful when going up against a raid, woodland mansion, and nether.

Here I placed a skeleton- in one case, I use normal diamond armor, and in the second case, enchanted projectile protection armor.

Condition 1
Projectile protection enchantment in Minecraft
Condition 2

For each skeleton, I accept the arrows for 40 seconds. In the first case, the skeleton does half a heart damage per hit, and in the second case, around 5 hits take half a heart damage.

5) Protection

The protection armor reduces the damage from zombies, skeletons, and everything in Minecraft.

Condition 1

Here I put 5 zombies and made them attack me. In the first case, zombies damage almost 4 hearts of normal diamond armor. In the second case, I used enchanted protection diamond armor, and they were only able to deal with 2 heart damage.

Protection IV armor in Minecraft
Condition 2