How to make an iron golem in Minecraft? Tutorial with pictures

Photo of an iron golem in Minecraft

Let’s know how to make an iron golem in Minecraft?

You can’t complete the Minecraft game in ‘peaceful mode’ because no story ends without villains.

But, if you play the game on easy, medium, or hard mode, the mob will not leave anyone- neither you nor your village and villager.

Most of the time, you go out of your home for mining, and at that time, mobs kill the villagers. As a result, you have to waste your time searching for another village.

Therefore, you need to hire a guard to safeguard your living community. Yes, the iron golem protects the villager and village from the mobs in Minecraft, and you can create it.

Golem spawns inside the village territory and defends against the mobs to save you and your villagers. So, here you will know how to craft a golem in Minecraft so that your villagers last longer in the village.

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What is needed to spawn an iron golem?

These are the requirement to make a golem in the game: 4 iron blocks(36 irons), 1 Pumpkin, 1 Shear, Carved pumpkin, Crafting table.
In total 38 pieces of iron are needed.

Here are the steps to create an iron golem in Minecraft

Step 1
Make ‘4 iron blocks’— Collect 38 pieces of iron ore and smelt them on the furnace to make iron. Then open your crafting table and place 4 pieces of iron’ on each 3*3 box. (Shown in picture)

How to make a block of iron in Minecraft? Iron blocks is required to make a body of golem.
Make 4 blocks of iron

Step 2
Make shears— Open your crafting table and place 2 iron pieces on the boxes like shown in the picture:

How to make a shears in Minecraft? A shears is needed for making a carved pumpkin that is used to create a golem in the game.
Make a shears

Step 3
Now, collect a pumpkin from your surrounding. OR, if you have a pumpkin farm, then pick up one form there.

Find a pumpkin in Minecraft to make a iron golem.
Search for a pumpkin

Step 4
Put the pumpkin in the ground and convert it into a carved pumpkin by using shear. (Select shear and right-click on the pumpkin)

Make a carved Pumpkin

Step 5
After that, place 4 iron blocks on the ground by making a T shape. (Shown in picture)

T shaped iron blocks

Step 6
Finally, put the carved pumpkin on the top of T shaved iron block.

Immediately, the iron golem will create and start to spawn in the Minecraft village.

The golem will defend against enemies 24/7 and make society peaceful. As a result, your villager will not leave the leaving area.



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