How to make a crossbow in Minecraft? Kill the mobs like a hunter

crossbow in Minecraft

The more you play Minecraft game, the more question you will have. You will get unlimited resources in the game, and each resource has a purpose. You can craft various kinds of goods and weapons for survival. But here, you will know how you can craft a crossbow in Minecraft. (tutorial with pictures)

The crossbow is the best weapon to kill the enemy from a far distance. It has a similar concept to a bow, but a crossbow can fire an arrow a longer with swiftness. Also, it gives more damage to the mobs in comparison to the bow.

What is required to make a crossbow?

These things are required to make a crossbow in the game:

  • Total 4 sticks
  • 2 strings
  • Total 2 irons
  • 1 Tripwire hook
  • Crafting table

You will get all the raw materials effortlessly while you go for the mining.

Steps to craft crossbow in Minecraft

Step 1): Open your crafting table and make ‘4 sticks’ by using wooden planks.

How to make a sticks in Minecraft? The sticks are needed to craft many survival items in the game. It is the most necessary basic need.

Step 2): After that, collect ‘2 iron ores’ and smelt them on the furnace for making iron.

Now, Step 3): Collect ‘2 strings’ for making a crossbow. You can get strings by killing spiders.

Or, you can cut spider webs with your sword in the dark caves for getting strings.

Step 4): Now, you have to make a tripwire.

So, open your crafting table and put iron, stick, and plank in the boxes to make it. (Shown in the Picture)

How to make a tripwire in the Minecraft? Tripwire is used for crafting the crossbow in the game.

Step 5: Finally, you have all the raw materials for crafting a crossbow- sticks, iron, strings, tripwire.

So, open your crafting table and put all of them in the 3*3 boxes. ( Shown in the Picture)

How to make a crossbow in the Minecraft?

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Your crossbow is ready to attack the mobs like a hunter in Minecraft.

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