Best MLBB heroes to solo rank up in 2022

Best MLBB heroes to solo rank up in 2022

It is not difficult to rank up solo in MLBB if you pick the best heroes for the battle. Here, I will tell you which heroes you should play to reach the mythical glory as a solo.

In Mobile legends, some players prefer to play solo, and some like to play with friends. While playing with your friends can be fun and easy because of the communication, playing solo also has its kind of fun.

Pushing your rank will gradually become Harder as you reach a higher and higher position. Even pro players play with their squad members to increase their rank.

But, if you are a player who likes to play solo or has no friends to increase your rank in Mobile Legends, here are the top 5 heroes you can use to rank up solo in 2022.

Top 5 best heroes to rank up solo in MLBB

1. Cecilion

Cecilion: MLBB hero best for solo rank up

Cecilion is a late-game mage hero, and players don’t pick him that often for the battle. The main thing about this hero is his damage. When cecilion uses his 1st skill or ultimate to hit an enemy/minion/jungle creep, he gains some stacks. The more stacks he gets, the more his damage skyrockets.

Playing cecilion is very easy. You will need to keep increasing your stacks throughout the game. Even if your team is losing very hard in the early game, and you manage to keep your stacks high, you can turn the game around effortlessly if the battle reaches the late stages.

In the late game, the cecilion can shoot other mages and Marksmen. Only you need to consider safety while playing cecilion. This vampire is also known as the king of comebacks, and that is why cecilion is one of the best heroes to rank up while playing solo in Mobile Legends.

2. Yve

Yve Hero in MLBB(Mobile Legends)

Yve has been known as the mage of the Meta for quite a while now. She is an overpowered hero since release. Even with quite a few nerfs, she is still in the Meta. Players picked Yve in every single match in the M3 tournament.

She is the best mage and support. So, using ultimate, Yve provides a massive area advantage that enemies will be afraid to enter. Using her ult and second skill, she can slow down the enemies. She can stand on her own. If you trust me or not, the Yve is a perfect mage if you want to level up your rank to mythical glory while playing solo in MLBB.

3. Beatrix

Best hero for rank up in MLBB

Beatrix is one of the most broken marksmen right now. Her damage output is insane. She was also one of the most picked heroes in the M3 tournament. Her early game and her late-game damage are very high.

Beatrix can switch between her 4 guns- sniper, sub-machine, shotgun, and Canon. You can use each weapon in different aspects. Her canon is good at clearing minion waves, shotgun to ambush, sniper to snipe, and sub-machine gun for mid-range flights. Since Beatrix is a versatile and Strong hero in MLBB, her every ability gives the best advantage to increase rank solo.

4. Roger

Hero for solo rank up in Mobile Legends

Since the latest buff, roger has been a beast at jungling. You know, he got a skin during the M3 tournament, and you can see him in every ranked game because of that glow-up. He has high movement speed and has very High damage. Once fed, he can easily dominate the enemy team.

He is a highly reliable hero and can solo carry the team in Mobile legends(MLBB) Battle. During his wolf state, he gains extra damage and defense stats. He can take down objectives very quickly. So, these all the best quality makes Roger one of the best heroes to rank up solo in MLBB.

5. Lancelot

Lancelot Hero in MLBB

Lancelot has been one of my favorite assassins since the start till now. He is one of the heroes with the highest mobility in the game. He uses his first skill to make an infinite amount of dashes.

By dashing into the enemies or minions, he can Easily dive into the enemy backline and escape Easily. Also, he can easily control the track of the game once fed.

He is a Very Good hero that can carry while playing solo in Mobile legends, and that is why he is the best choice if you want to increase your rank while playing a solo match.