How to win the battle in MLBB? 10 tips and tricks

How to win the battle in MLBB?

Players often will be frustrated after losing in a row. When I was in the beginning phases, I didn’t win a single battle in MLBB for many days. But, some tips and tricks that I learned and applied came in handy for me winning games and improving my skills, and I will share them with you.

10 Tips and tricks to win MLBB battle like a pro

1) Knowledge about the heroes

A player should study and practice the hero before engaging in the match. You will see the Heroes’ skills description and passive abilities in their list. Practice modes, AI modes are also available for practicing new heroes.

Or a player can also combat with the teammate in custom match mode for better understanding. The player can also watch tutorials online of different gamers to know more techniques to become a pro player of Mobile legends.

2) Builds and items

Best builds items helps to win the MLBB battle

You can increase the performance of the heros only with the right build and items. Every hero is OP if the player builds items that match with them. Building a fighter’s build to a mage in MLBB will not help the player win the battle. Also, You should choose Builds and Items accordingly to battle situations, and a player should learn to adapt to changing builds in higher ranks to dominate the ML fight.

3) Map awareness

Map knowledge is important to win MLBB fights

A mini-map is available in the right top corner of the screen. The mini-map shows the information of battle and even enemies when in contact with the allied heroes or minions. A good player is always careful to watch the map. It helps for rotation of Hyper Carry for ganking, shows the times for buffs, turtle, and lird, which is a factor for increasing win rate in Mobile legends.

4) Picking and Banning

After the Epic rank tier, the banning system is introduced to battle. Players can pre-ban heroes, and lock them. Usually, heroes that are used highly in meta are banned.

So, banning is also the best strategy for winning the game, whereas picking and lockin the heroes with the right combination will guarantee victory. Counter heroes to opponents also should be made while picking heroes. Some hero counters another hero. Players should take this information into their account for better chances of winning.

5) Spells

Spells are an additional set of skills that heros can use to get more power. Spells are unlocked as the player keeps leveling up, and you can use only one spell in a match with some COOLDOWN.

There are 9 spells in the game as of the current meta. Fighters, Marksmen, and Tank use spell-like Flicker Execute, and Aegis mostly, and mages are well known for using Flameshot. Retribution should only be used by the Jungler of the team, as having more than in jungler in the current meta will result in a disadvantage for the team itself.

6) Communication

Communication among the teammates is a factor for victory. Requesting backup, informing before initiating, and calling for retreat should be common amongst teammates.

If the player wishes not to speak, there are buttons for text communication. Communication builds coordination in the team, and it increases the chances of successful ganks, getting objectives, chasing down enemy heroes. So, keep communicating with your teammates to increase the chance of winning the team fight in MLBB like a pro.

7) Objectives

Destroy turrets in MLBB fight to win

In low ranks, players often run after kills rather than prioritizing objectives, and sometimes they even lose with slight mistakes. It doesn’t matter how many kills a team can accumulate because the main decisive factor of battle is to destroy the main tower of the opposing team.

In my experience, I have won and lost many fights with turrets pushing. So I would advise players to focus on destroying turrets in the battle for getting a win over an opponent in Mobile legends(MLBB).

8) Kill Priority

Gank and group brawl is always bound to happen in the game. Every laner, after farming for some time engages in battle from time to time. Hyper should farm and get kills much as possible as they are the core of the team.

While group fights, you should avoid tanks and damage dealers should focus on getting backlines like mages and opponent’s jungler. After taking care of the damage dealer game should be pretty easy to take advantage of. But ally tank should be able to protect damage dealer of ally team.

9) Watch and learn from Pro Streamers

MLBB is a competitive E-sport platform. There are many pro teams around the globe in different servers and are pretty famous among MLBB players. Some of them frequently upload their gameplay, tutorials on online platforms.

YouTubers like Betosky, Elgin, and Assassin Dave are best for players who are new to the game and want to improve their gaming abilities. Also, you can watch gameplay and battles among Pro Competitive Teams to learn how to increase the win rate in Mobile Legends fights.

10) Build a strong team

Playing solo queue is depends upon luck. Sometimes the random teammate turns out to be a good player, but in my case, most of them are either toxic or AFK players.

So it is better to join or create a squad with mates that you play daily. It not only help to win the battle but also improves coordination among the team in MLBB. Not all games will turn out to be good but winning or losing as a team will eventually benefit the team members themselves.

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