How to get Mythical Glory in MLBB quickly?

How to reach Mythical Glory in MLBB quickly?

Like every other MOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) game, Mobile Legends also has its own set of ranking systems. The journey starts from warrior rank to mythical glory. Most of you wish to get mythical glory in MLBB, but do you know what makes it so hard to reach there?

It is the highest level of rank in Mobile legends that anyone can achieve, and a player has to reach at least 600 points to be called a mythical glory player. However, I will give you the best tips to reach mythical glory rank faster.

How to reach Mythical glory rank quickly in MLBB

1) Try to avoid playing solo

By saying this, I am not trying to imply that you should never play an MLBB match solo but forming a good set of the team reduces the risk of conflicts, feeders, trash talkers.

In other words, you should find players who are good at playing tank, mage, hyper, offlaners, or assassins because randoms are always not guaranteed to be good and cooperative players for the rank push.

If you enter the lobby as a trio or 5 men, your teamwork will be at its peak, and carrying the game will not be much of a hassle. So, it is better not to play solo in mobile legends if you want to get mythical glory faster.

2) Game sense

How you should play MLBB match to get mythical glory title?

Now, you might be wondering what is ‘Game sense’? It refers to the concept of how well you are informed of its tactics.

No matter how skillful you are in using a hero or maybe all heroes in Mobile Legends, it is useless without a proper game sense.

A proper game sense requires a good rotation, strategic thinking of what leads the team to victory, and wise decision-making that helps to obtain mythical glory title in MLBB.

Suppose the enemy has been wiped out in the game, what will you choose to do then? Will you farm or push the turrets? Push right? Remember every petty decision that you take in-game will reflect your game sense.

3) Stay objective focused

Staying focused in Gameplay is best way to get mythical glory title

You need to know, only killing the enemies in MLBB will not let you to reach mythical glory rank- Of course, ganking is necessary, but there are other matters too that you can’t overlook.

Taking turtles and lords, pushing turrets, and destroying the enemy base are also a part of the purposes. In addition, if you focus on achieving your objectives, you will always have the upper hand in the game.

4) Stable internet source and a proper device

Mobile legends gameplay SS

You would not want to lose a game because of lag, Right? So for a stable internet connection, I would recommend using wifi because you will get frequent lag when using mobile data.

Similarly, having a good device means no game crash, smooth gameplay, no frame rate drop issues, and so on. So, play mobile legends on the best device and internet to achieve mythical glory quickly.

5) Either win or learn

Winning must be your uttermost priority, but when you lose, you must not let yourself down because there is always room for improvement.

Firstly point out your mistakes and then learn from them. If you don’t happen to do so and repeat the same thing, you might result in consecutive defeats.

6) Ignore toxicity

MLBB gameplay screenshot

You must at all abide from being toxic and trash-talking. Even if someone on your team or from the enemies starts sending out unnecessary texts, you ought to ignore them no matter what. If you respond to them, it will disturb and lose focus from the game.

Hence, these are the things that you must practice to push your rank for mythical glory in Mobile Legends(MLBB). If you follow these steps properly, I can reassure you that you shall not have any problems pushing up to mythical glory in no time.