How to breed animals in Minecraft to produce enough products?

How to breed animals in Minecraft to produce enough products?

Why should you breed animals in Minecraft? What are the benefitS?

Food is necessary to survive, and animals are the source of food in Minecraft world. Animals are the best part of the game because they are not the only source of food but also you will get other necessary products from them. Also, they contribute to making your social life better in the game.

For example, you will obtain leather, wool from the animals that help you to craft many survival items.

In Minecraft, Cows give you milk, beef, and leather- sheep give you mutton and wool. And, pigs give you porkchop- Chickens give meat, feather.- Rabbits also give rabbit meat.
Similarly, Hoglins give porkchop too, but you cannot tame a hoglin though.

But nothing is infinite. You can’t find animals forever and ever. Each time you kill the animals in an area, you will have to go even further to get more animals.

Breeding cows

That is why you need to make an animal farm and breed them near your house in Minecraft to produce enough animal products without much struggle.

Here is how to breed all animals in Minecraft

So to breed, you need two animals of the same kind first- Two cows or two pigs or two sheep. You will need to bring them closer, so I recommend, make a house(farm) for them.

To breed animals in Minecraft, firstly build a fence

To build a farm, you can just put fences around an area. Then, put a fence gate so that animals can enter the room but can’t escape. And, to capture the animals into the fence, you need to lure them with their best food.

Different animals love different kinds of food like Cows and sheep love wheat. Similarly, pigs love potatoes and carrots, chickens love seeds, and so on.

So to lure them, take a bait in your hand and slowly move towards them to make them follow you. You have to move slowly towards the fence, and once all come inside, close the fence gate.

Capturing cows in Minecraft to breed them
Capturing pigs to breed them in Minecraft

But, if you don’t have any bait, then you can use a lead which you can get by killing the wandering merchant who comes with two llamas in Minecraft.

After putting a couple of animals inside the fence, feed them their favorite treat to make them produce offspring.

So, to feed animals in Minecraft, take the food in your hand and right-click on them and once you do so, they will move closer and produce a baby.

How to breed animals in Minecraft to produce enough products?

You can force-feed the baby to make it bigger quickly, and you can breed them as well after they grow.

This way, you will have a lot of animals, and unless you stop breeding, you will have an endless source of food and other resources to survive in Minecraft world.

In short, to breed animals for producing sufficient animal products such as milk, meat, eggs, leathers, feather in Minecraft, capture the animals and feed them relevant food.