How can you grow mushroom on your own farm in Minecraft?

grow mushroom on your own farm in Minecraft

If you want mushrooms without taking a risk, then you can make a mushroom farm near your house to grow them in Minecraft.

There are two types of mushrooms in Minecraft- Brown, and red. The mushroom works like a resource for making mushroom stew, rabbit stew, and fermented spider eye. Also, it can be consumed as food and can be used for decoration purposes.

You can get sufficient brown and red mushroom in the Nether. Also, in the jungle area, you will find big mushroom trees.

And by cutting them, you can collect 10 to 20 mushrooms effortlessly. Moreover, sometimes you will find them in cave places.

However, don’t you think going to those places only to collect mushrooms is time-waste and full of risk? Yes, it’s full of danger.

Therefore, you should know how to make a Mushroom farm in Minecraft. Because it’s farming is the best way to get a sufficient amount without taking any risk.

This is how you can grow mushroom on your farm in Minecraft:

Growing the mushroom in Minecraft requires some ingredients and darkroom.

Step 1:
Firstly, you must have at least one mushroom in your pocket to start farming. So, you can bring it from the jungle, the Nether or, Caves. After collecting some, return to your home.

You can grow a big mushroom tree in your farm using baby mushroom in Minecraft.
Photo of mushroom in Minecraft.
Little mushroom

Step 2:
Now collect enough dirt from your surrounding- use the shovel for faster work. You can also collect cobblestones, but it’s a bit more difficult than mining dirt. Therefore, it’s better to dig more and more dirt.

Step 3:
Search for the best place near your house or village to grow a large mushroom tree in Minecraft.

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Step 4:
Now make a big hall with a door by using dirt or corbel stone. And you can place 1 or 2 torches inside it.

Step 5:
Finally, place some baby mushrooms inside the hall and add 1 bone meal to each mushroom to make them a big tree in a second.

If you don’t use bone meal, then it takes longer to grow mushrooms on the farm.

And crafting a ‘bone meal’ either require bone or a bone block.

Just open your crafting table and place a bone in a box to make 3 bone meal.

Or, if you have a bone block, then put it in the box(3*3) of the crafting table for getting 9 bone meals.

Finally, use it on the baby mushroom of your farm to make a tree in less time.


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