What are the best ways to get more room card on Pubg mobile?

Room card on Pubg mobile

It requires room cards to challenge each other in Pubg mobile. The room card is used for making a costume room where the different players can join to play with each other. There are two types of rooms;

(I) One-use room card for single use.
(II) One-week room card for 7 days.

So, here let’s know about the sources to get more room cards. But before that you should know other detail about it;

  • How to join a room?

(I) The room owner should invite you to join the room. For that he\she should be your friend.
(II) And the joining player should know the room code number.

  • How to log in code number to join the costume room?

(I) Tap on select mode.
(II) Tap on the room option.
(III) Write room ID and tap on enter.

  • What room can owner do?

(I) Select the map
(II) Start and cancel the match
(III) Remove players
(IV) Invite other players

And if the player is kicked out of the room, then they can’t join until the owner doesn’t invite them again into the room.

How to get more room cards on Pubg mobile?

Here are the best sources to collect extra room cards in Pubg mobile:

Clan points
the best ways to get more room card on Pubg mobile
Clan point.

Do you have enough clan points?
From this method, you can get a 1 room card by spending 300 clan points.

(I) Go to the clan
(II) Go to the shop and exchange your points to buy a room card.

But, you can buy the cards from the shop every 10 days. Therefore, try to make more and more clan points.

All talent championship

The All talent championship is the second chapter of the crew challenge in PUBGM. In the past, you could purchase rename cards from the crew challenge points.

But now you can buy a 10 room card in total by using all talent championship points.
It requires 200 points to get a room card for single use.

Royale pass
Royale pass

From the royale pass, you get 7 days room card on the RP rank 91. Also, you will get a room card for free as an RP reward in every new season of Pubg mobile.

But you need to upgrade your elite pass with 600 UC to achieve it.

Alternative method

This method is only for those who have extra UC to spend. You can purchase both kinds of room cards by spending UC.

Here, One use room card cost 100 UC
And seven use cards cost 500 UC.

  • Go shop
  • Go to treasure
  • Purchase with UC

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