Safe or Rush in Free fire: Which is a suitable gameplay style?

detail about rush and safe gameplay free fire.

Garena free fire has millions of players. And every individual wants to become better than others. Therefore, the player chooses the best playing style among safe and rushes to survive longer for getting booyah in the free fire.

However, it’s a matter of debate, which is the suitable gaming technique between rush(aggressive) and safe(silent) for increasing rank and KD ratio quicker.

So, before starting, you should know what is rush and safe gameplay in the free-fire battle. Rushing means you want to kill more enemies without hiding and fear.

The free-fire rusher always seeks hot drops like the clock tower, peak(Bermuda map), Bimasakti strip, and other enemy locations.

Whereas, safe gameplay means you focus on booyah rather than kills. For that, you play the match passively. And in simple language, safe player land in a place where no one land to increase survival time by avoiding risk.

Which gameplay is best between rush and safe in the free fire?

It all depends upon the situation, ambition, and expectations. Because all the player goes to the battleground of free fire with hope and goal. For example, some want to increase their KD ratio, and others want to reach a higher rank,

Safe or Rush in Free fire
Safe or Rush in Free fire

Therefore, if you want to reach the heroic or grandmaster’s tire, you should play safe gameplay in the free fire. Because if you land on the hot drops, there is always a high chance of getting minus or death.

In the hot-drop places like peaks, and clocktower, there are at least 3-4 squads wandering to find the enemy. So, if you think of pushing rank in those dangerous locations, then your luck will not support you.

In conclusion, you should play safely and avoid competitive places if you are a rank pusher player of free fire.

However, aggressive gameplay is not a bad choice if you can rock the battleground with your fighting skills. The rush gaming style can help you to increase your KD ratio quickly in Free fire. How?

Rush gameplay photo in Free fire
Rush gameplay photo in Free fire

Rush gaming style means you want to go there where you can meet with many enemies(Hot-drops). And if you have a better squad and pro skills, then you can complete your goal quickly.

The rusher is always a pro player. But, if you always rush without the best skills, you will notice your skills are improving.

Yes, the rush can improve the fighting and aiming skills gradually. However, it’s difficult to say a rusher player of free fire can reach the grandmaster and heroic tire fast.

In conclusion, the rush gameplay is only suitable for you in two conditions.

  • You don’t care about rank.
  • You have a better squad and skills.

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So, don’t you think getting booyah in every match is an exciting and confidential task? If you want to increase your rank then, I suggest you play safe. Because there is a high chance you will get booyah in all matches in FPP.

But if you play for fun then rush is better than the safe gameplay in Free fire- you can get high kills easily, and your KD will raise fast.

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