How to improve KD in the free fire game easily? Best tips.

increase KD in the free fire game easily Best way.

Let’s know the idea to improve your KD ratio in the Garena free fire game quickly.

Free fire is the online battle royale game where players can play matches in different maps with their team or solo.

The player plays the game to have fun with their friend and to communicate with other unknown players. Aso, they play the free fire for getting grandmaster rank to prove themself a free fire pro player.

And not only to have fun and become a master, but the player also plays the free game to upgrade their KD ratio. Because the more KD rate means the player is skilled and pro. Also, the high KD rate makes their free fire profile stronger and famous.

Therefore, every player wants to increase their KD rate by getting more kills in the match.

In this blog, you will know the best ways to maintain good KD rate in the free fire.

These are the best tips to improve KD rate in the free fire game:

Don’t land everywhere.

The KD rate increases by the more kills form the matches in the free fire.
But what if you are killed immediately you start your match.
Yes, the chance will be high of being killed, if you land on the ground without the best plan.

To increase your KD rate, you shouldn’t land in a competitive place of Free fire Bermuda, Purgatory and Kalahari map.
But you must plan to leave your parachute in a safe location of these maps.

For example:

Kota Tua,
Clock tower,
KalahariThe Maze,
The sub
Command post,
PurgatoryFire brigade,
Mt. Villa,
Safe and unsafe place to land

Booyah! Booyah!

The Booyah means you won the free fire match with highest no. of kills. And you know the more KD ratio is directly related to the more numbers of kills. So, focus on getting booyah in the free fire to boost your KD rate quickly.

You can do it

Most of the player takes the game as a real-life story, so they lose their confidence. But it’s not a proper way to improve your KD in the free fire. You know you are a skilled player. So why to be afraid?
Be confident in the matches you can do it.

Make smooth

Forget to raiser your KD rate, if your game sensitivity setting is in the wrong way. So, if you don’t want to reduce your KD ratio, your sensitivity setting must be like a pro player.

Don’t avoid the rush.

Instead of increasing your KD ratio, it will decrease if you don’t take a bit risk. Firstly you should play the match in the safe. After that, go for a rush with full confidence.

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