What is the best way to get more materials in PUBG mobile game?

Tips to get more materials in PUBG mobile.

You know, PUBG mobile materials are a rare item of the game.
In this blog, you will know the possible ways to get more material to upgrade Pubg weapons and equipment without spending much UC.

PUBG mobile is the favorite game among millions of players. In this game, there are different features full of fun and entertainment.

You will get varieties of rewards in every season, mission, and event. Aso, you can travel on different maps. Moreover, the game has given a variety of weapon and item choices.

So, the player can play matches with friends or solo by exploring different maps using powerful weapons.

And the dream of every PUBG player is to upgrade their weapons for a unique kill message broadcast and kill effect. Also, they want to upgrade their gun items for a unique loot cart and many more.

And you know, to upgrade your equipment, requires more materials. But, material in the PUBG mobile is rare and precious because you can only unlock them with less chance from some sources.

So, today we will discuss the tips to collect more materials in the PUBG mobile.

The best source to get materials

The best sources for getting materials in PUBG mobile are;

  1. Lucky spin source

Lucky Spin is the UC method to get material in Pubg. And from this method, you can get outfits, paints, slivers fragments, upgradable weapons, and one material. But it depends on your luck whether you can unlock material from lucky spin or not.

  1. Unlock upgradable weapon twice.

It is another source to collect material in PUBG. If you unlock the upgraded weapon two times from the classic crate (Glacier M416). Pubg luck crate, luck spin then the extra reward is converted into the material. So, you will get Pubg material for free if your luck supports you.

  1. Pubg lucky crate

Pubg luck crate is the best source to unlock material but it’s expensive way. The cost of one crate opening is 60 UC.

So, those are someplace to get materials in PUBG for free and by UC. And it depends on your luck.

But, the problem is you will not have sufficient UC to spend. Therefore, I will give you a trick to get more materials to upgrade your PUBG weapons.

Here are the best ways to get PUBG mobile materials

  • Use lucky spin once a day.

In the case you have a few UC, then don’t use them on the ‘PUBG luck crate’ because it cost 60 UC per crate which is an expensive way.

Therefore, you should invest your UC in the lucky spin, which costs only 10 UC. But, you should only try lucky spin once a day. Otherwise, you have to pay 60 UC for the second trial on the same day.

  • Try to unlock two times

If you unlock upgradable weapons multiple times, then you will get materials as rewards.
And you should open a classic crate because it is the best source to get glacier M416 with a high chance.

So, unlock the weapon two times and upgrade your favorite M416 glacier using materials.

Are materials is enough to upgrade weapons?

To advance PUBG mobile weapons and equipment only materials are not enough, it requires paint too. And these are the steps to get free paints on PUBG mobile:

photo of paints in pubg
paints on PUBG mobile
  • Go to the clan.
  • Go to clan shop
  • Purchase paint with clan points.


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