How to get Lamborghini Skins in Pubg mobile/BGMI with Less UC?

How to get Lamborghini Skins in Pubg mobile/BGMI with Less UC?

If you were waiting to ride a Lamborghini in the battleground, now it is available in the game, and you can unlock it. Pubg Mobile/BGMI released Lamborghini skins for the player on 25 March 2022.

Being Lamborghini skin a mythic item, you have to spend more and more UC to get it. However, in this article, you will know the best way to obtain Lamborghini car skin by spending a few amounts of UC. So, are you ready?

The Lamborghini is the precious outcome of speed drift spin in pubg mobile-BGMI. The speed drift is a kind of luck royale spin, where you can also obtain many other best rewards. Such as Executioner Parachute, ClouderLuster – SKS, Elite onil set luck medal Lamborghini, and many more.

So, among all these rewards, the lucky medal is one of the final and mythic outcomes that you can use to redeem Lamborghini.

Process of Speed Drift spin

Let us understand the rule and process of spinning speed drift with the help of a table.

Spin LevelReward
13 Luck Voucher
29 Luck voucher
3Molotov cocktail/Parachute
4CloudLuster-SKS/Dreamy Haze
5Elite oni cover/ GOLD 24K mask
6Elite oni cover/GOLD 24K set
72 Lucky Medal-Lamborghini
87 Lucky Medal-Lamborghini

In the 7th and 8th level, you will obtain the Lucky medal, but to reach there, you will need to spend higher UC. Either you can stop and respin or continue the spin from the same position again.

Speed Drift spin Pubg Mobile/BGMI

For example, you spin the speed drift for the first time in Pubg Mobile/BGMI, and your luck stopped in level 4th. In this case, Either you can continue from the same level(Level 4) by investing more in UC, or you can respin.

But, if you continue from level 4, you will have to pay more UC, and the chance of reaching a higher level will increase. Similarly, if you spin a second time but from the beginning, you might get to level 1 or 5 or 7. It depends upon Luck.

Therefore, even though continuing the spin is a bit expensive, it increases the chance of getting the Lucky medal-Lamborghini increases. The choice is yours.

List of all Lamborghini skins in Pubg Mobile & BGMI

SkinsLucky Medal
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
Verde Alceo
1Coup RB
Lamborghini Aventador SVJ
Verde Blue
3Coup RB
Lamborghini Estoque Metal
Lamborghini Estoque Metal
Lamborghini Urus Giallo
Lamborghini Urus Giallo

How to unlock all Lamborghini skins in Pubg Mobile/BGMI

1. Use the speed draft voucher.
Pubg Mobile/BGMI Lamborghini skins

If you have a speed drift voucher, you can save a lot of UC while spinning to obtain Lamborghini car skins.

(i). Go to the event section.
(ii). Go to the gift section and go to Lamborghini speed drift.
(iii). Get the daily voucher to spend some UC.

2. Redeem the reward using coins

It is a bit expensive, but an effective way. One of the Easiest reward outcomes of the speed drift spin is the luck voucher coin. So, spin and collect sufficient coins to redeem your favorite skin of Lamborghini car in PUBGM/BGMI.

RewardsCoin Required
Luck Medal1500
Gun skins250
Classic crate5
3. You can give and request a gift.
Lamborghini skins in Pubg Mobile/BGMI

It is one of the best ways to get the Free Lamborghini skins in Pubg Mobile and BGMI, but you must have a close friend or relatives who play this game.

Yes, you can give a Lamborghini skin as a gift, or you can request others, and if they are willing, you will get it without any spin.

(i). Go to the Lamborghini speed drift section.
(i). Tap on Redeem option.
(iii). Tap on the Give option.
(iv). Now, you can send Lamborghini skin as a gift, or your friends can do the same to send it.