Apex Legends Mobile Best Loadout you should Try.

Apex Legends Mobile Best Loadout you should Try.

Apex Legends mobile is a battle royale shooting game, where there are 24 Guns right now, but on the battlefield, you will only be allowed to loadout two weapons at a time.

There are six categories of weapons; Assault Rifles, SMG, LMG, Shotgun, Sniper, and Pistol. The loadout is different based on your playstyle, so choose the weapon combination that matches your play style.

In this article, I will tell you some best gun combinations that you might want to try, and these loadouts will surely help you on the Apex Mobile battlefield.

5 Best gun loadout you might want to try in Apex Legends Mobile

1. Sentinel and Flatline

Sentinel and Flatline: Apex Mobile Best combo

Sentinel and Flatline gun combination is the best loadout for Apex Mobile players who are the masters of distant combat. This combo suits the players who are usually into sniping and shooting from far range.

Here, Sentinel is a bolt action sniper (You will need to reload/wait for a small amount of time before firing another shot), while Flatline is an Assault Rifle in Apex Legends Mobile.

So, You can use the Sentinel to do decent damage to the enemy, then after, you can use the Flatline to finish the enemy from a distance. I recommend using single fire when shooting with Flatline since it has high recoil. When the enemy is the insight, you need to be the one standing in the back with cover and telling your teammates to rush while you give them cover.

2. Spitfire and R-99 SMG

Apex Mobile Best Gun combo:Spitfire and R-99 SMG

Spitfire is a Legendary weapon rarely available in buildings or chests. You can only get one in the care packages that drop on the battlefield. Spitfire is a full-auto LMG having a high magazine capacity. Also, It is one of the Low recoil guns in Apex Legends mobile, and you can use it from medium to short range.

The combination of Spitfire for medium-range combat and R-99 SMG for close combat is perfect. R-99 SMG is probably the SMG with the highest fire rate. You will need to have a good aim for using this gun. This weapon combination is Great for mid-range combat in the Apex Mobile battleground.

3. Devotion LMG and Mastiff Shotgun

Apex Legends Mobile Best Loadout: Devotion LMG and Mastiff Shotgun

Devotion LMG and Mastiff shotgun is another perfect combo you should pick for your loadout. You can use the LMG for midrange battle and shotgun for close-range. In close-range fights, this shotgun is a beast.

Devotion LMG has a high fire rate, so once you aim down your enemy, you can easily take them down. In Apex Legends PC, most players use an AR and a shotgun, so similarly, in the mobile version, this loadout is a perfect choice. This loadout is suitable for players who like to play aggressively and rush the enemies.

4. G7 Scout and EVA-8

G7 Scout and EVA-8

The G7 Scout is a decent AR, and the EVA-8 Auto is an auto shotgun, and the combo of these two guns is also a suitable loadout you should try in Apex Mobile. The G7 Scout is not as strong as the other ARs, but it is very easily controllable and single-fire AR.

It does not have recoil, so you can accurately hit your enemies. You can use this for midrange battles. The EVA-8 auto is for close range. It can fire two bullets at once, and it is an OP in close range. The Mastiff shotgun is a little difficult to aim, so this can be the replacement for it. It is the perfect loadout for close to mid-range flights.

5. Longbow DMR and L-STAR EMG

Longbow DMR and L-STAR EMG: Apex Legends Mobile Best Loadout

So far, the combo of these two weapons is probably my favorite loadout in Apex Legends Mobile. Longbow DMR is a semi sniper, which means you can shoot continuously without waiting like Sentinel. This gun deals good damage and is better for not letting the enemy escape.

Then comes LSTAR- EMG, one of my favorite guns. This weapon has less recoil and damage but shoots rapidly- great for mid-range battles. This gun combination is good, especially for players who like to play snipe and mid-range battles.

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