How to improve your aim in Apex Mobile?

How to improve your aim in Apex Mobile?

In any shooter, battle royale game like Apex Legends Mobile, perfect aiming is one of the most necessary factors for winning a match, so players must try to improve their aim skill as soon as possible.

Aim means your accuracy in hitting the enemies. If your aim is accurate, the game will be challengeless for you. However, playing a shooting game on mobile is different from playing on a PC.

You don’t get to use a mouse to play on mobile devices. So even if your aim is good at PC games, you might not aim accurately at mobile ones.

At the start of the game, most players have a hard time targetting and getting a hold of how to aim properly.

In this article, you will learn tips that will help you increase your aiming skills in Apex Mobile so that you can hit a headshot to your enemy perfectly.

Apex Legends Mobile: Best ways to improve aim skill

Perfect Sensitivity

Every player may have a different set of sensitivity. Some might play in high sensitivity, and some in low sensitivity.

But, the thing you need to do is fix the sensitivity you are most comfortable with. Too high and too low sensitivity is unproductive.

You can go to the firing range and adjust your camera movement, ADS, and scope sensitivity for different scopes as you are comfortable.

So, if you succeed adjust the best sensitivity setting in Apex Mobile, you can become an aim master quickly.

Go to the Firing range.

The firing range is a great place to practice your aim in Apex Mobile. You get to choose any gun with all the attachments.

In this section, you can check every gun and its recoils and other aspects. You can shoot stationary targets.

There are many targets on the hills with which you can practice your aim. Even Apex mobile pro players spend their time in the firing range to improve their aim skill to finish the enemy in the battleground with a perfect headshot.

It is a great place for new players to test the game mechanics. Therefore, I suggest you go to the firing range and practice your aim to increase efficiency. You can also do training by setting up the difficulty.

Play Multiplayer modes

You can only play with bots in the firing range- their movements are different from those of a real player. So you will need to practice with a real player. Multiplayer is the perfect place for that.

Multiplayer is just an arcade match consisting of two types of matches-Arena and TDM (Team Death Match). You can select guns from the start of battling.

So, playing in multiplayer mode will help you alot to upgrade your aim in Apex Mobile. Also, these matches do not affect your KDA and your ranks.


  • Does playing with 4-fingers/3-fingers make your aim better in Apex Legends Mobile?

NO, playing with 4-fingers or 3-fingers doesn’t have to do with your aim. While playing with your 4-fingers you can do more things that you can’t do simultaneously with 3-fingers. It is all about which you feel comfortable.