Best 4-star Genshin Impact Characters as good as 5-star

Best 4-star Genshin Impact Characters as good as 5-star

Most Genshin Impact players want 5-star characters only as they are rare and powerful, but some 4-star are as good as 5-stars.

The given 4-star characters/heroes are good but will be better with constellations, so keep that in mind before pulling in for any of them or buying them in the shop.

You can make these Four-Star Genshin Heroes stronger than others With the proper build, weapon, and artifact in the game.

Top 5 Best 4-star Characters in Genshin Impact

1. Bennett

4-star Character: Bennett

Without any doubt, Bennett is the most Powerful four-star character in Genshin Impact, and nobody in their right mind would deny it. Bennett can heal and deal massive damage and buff the damage of enemies. If you are building him as healer stack hp, if buffer, then attacks.

But I suggest you build Bennet as a buffer as he heals quickly, and you don’t need to worry about the heals not healing in time. Use nobless set for the attack bonus for all parties when he uses his elemental burst

2. Razor

Genshin Impact 4-star Character: Razor

GI 4-star character Razor is a Physical DPS who deals a lot of damage, and he is as good as a 5-star character EULA if not for EULA burst damage. You should put crit damage and crit rate for him.

For Razor’s talent, you should firstly focus on his normal attack as he does the most damage in that state. Similarly, In terms of Razor’s artifacts, you can use a 4-piece gladiator set or 2-piece bloodstain and 2-piece pale flame. (You can use a 2-piece gladiator instead of anyone.)

3. Noelle

4-star Character: Noelle

Noelle is a shielder, but she can also heal and deal damage. The only reason she is not higher on this list is that she needs to be in the battleground most of the time while she not being a DPS, so either you got to make her shielder and not a healer or a DPS, healer, and sheilder all at once.

Her shield, heal and damage scales off of her def, so focus on her defense only. In terms of artifact, the best artifact of Noelle is The Husk of Opulent Dreams.

4. Xingqiu

Genshin Impact 4-star Character: Xingqiu

He is a hydro character and one of the best 4-star support if you are a pyro or cryo main. His elemental burst will deal attack with rain sword when the character in the field does normal attack.

Xingqiu, the 4-star hero of Genshin Impact is best with characters such as Klee, yoimia, hutao. In terms of Xiangqi’s best weapons, you should use the sacrificial sword as his cd of his Elemental skill will end, and for the best artifact, you can put gladiator or heart of dept.

5. Xingling

4-star Character: Xingling

Xingling is another great support character used in melt comps in Genshin Impact. He applies pyro very fast and deals a lot of damage if you build her well. The best artifact you can use for the 4-star character Xinglin is Emblem of Severed Fate.

Moreover, for the weapon prototype, star glitter would be best for f2p, and if you have gotten skyward spine, then it would be best for Xingling.

So, even though Xingling is a Genshin 4-star character, if you build Xingling properly, you can obtain the best output like 5-star characters.