Pubg Mobile Rare Avatars List | Top 10 Collection

Pubg Mobile Rare Avatars List | Top 10 Collection

Avatar is the player’s identity, which functions as the profile picture on social media. Every season, the game introduces more than 15 avatars through the elite pass, crates, and achievements as rewards. There are over 50 avatars in Pubg Mobile, and among them all, some are rare as only a few players have gotten them so far. 

Use of Avatar in Pubg Mobile

  1. Unique reputation
  2. Show you the oldest and most experienced
  3. Well skilled
  4. The profile becomes more attractive
  5. If you are selling your ID, the more Avatar collection makes your ID more expensive.

Top 10 Rare Avatars in Pubg Mobile

1. Alan Walker Avatar

Alan Walker Avatar

You might remember in the Pubg Mobile 1st Anniversary when the game collaborated with Alan Walker. During that time, this avatar came into the game, but the players who were familiar with Alan Walker purchased it, but nowadays it is rare. Less than 1% of players have this avatar in their inventory. 

2. Anniversary Avatar

2. Anniversary Avatar

It is another attractive avatar the game introduced in the 1st anniversary. If you are an old player from the 6th season, you will know about it. 

3. Resident Evil 2


Do you remember the Resident Evil 2 collaboration event? At that time, Pubg Mobile introduced the Resident Evil 2 avatar, which is rare nowadays. Only lucky players show off this item.

4. Crew Challenge

Crew Challenge

The Crew Challenge is the best avatar in Pubg Mobile as it shows the player is well-skilled and participates in the tournaments. You will obtain it by participating in the crew challenge (All Talent Champion). 

5. Bald Eagle/White Tiger/Double Crap Avatar

Bald Eagle/White Tiger/Double Crap Avatar

The player who does not miss participating in the crew challenge(All Talent Champion) unlocks the Bald Eagle Avatar; therefore, we can say it is one of the rare items. Not everyone wastes their time in the game.

6. Billionaire/Baseball/Uniform/Reaper Avatar

Billionaire/Baseball/Uniform/Reaper Avatar

It is also the rarest avatar in Pubg Mobile because it came as the Season 3 Elite pass reward. According to the analysis, less than 1% have it, as, during that time, not every player was premium.

7. Aim For the Top Avatar

If you are playing the game from the 2nd season, only you will have this avatar in your inventory. The new players can forget about getting the Aim for the Top avatar because it has been unavailable since then.

8. Marshal Avatar

Marshal Avatar

Not every player is clever enough to detect the hacker or cheater in the game. But the one who reported the illegal IDs got the Marshal Avatar. So, are you among them who saved other players from the annoying and fake pros?

9. Mythic Fashion Avatar

There was a time when Mytich Fashion was among the rare avatars in Pubg Mobile, but nowadays, you can get it by purchasing mythic outfits. Valuable things always have value, that is why I included this on the list.

10. PMSC Avatar


Players obtained PMS avatar by participating in and winning the Star Challenge tournament league. Are you among those pros? Do you have this in your inventory? Have a look.