Sausage Man Best Settings Guide | Sensitivity, FPS & Graphics

Sausage Man Best Settings Guide | Sensitivity, FPS & Graphics

This article will guide you with the best Settings in Sausage Man for smooth gameplay. This setting will highly focus on the best level of Graphics, Gyro and Non-Gyro sensitivity and FPS.

Sausage Man is not your typical battle royale game. In the game world, you’ll find yourself in a sausage suit and battling it out on a colourful battlefield. With a mix of action and cartoonish charm, this game has captured the hearts of many mobile gamers.

For High-End Phones

  1. High-end phones can render Sausage Man’s graphics beautifully. Set the graphics quality to Ultra or High for a visually stunning experience.
  2. Set the frame rate to 60 FPS or more, depending on your device. Your high-end device should handle this without a hitch.
  3. Best Gyro sensitivity is a matter of personal preference in Sausage Man; however, keeping it on the lower side allows for more precise aiming while using gyro controls.
  4. For non-gyro aiming, a medium sensitivity is a good balance between accuracy and precision.
  5. Aim Assist: Keep aim assist turned on to have an advantage over your enemy, improving shot accuracy.
  6. Disable auto-open doors to prevent accidental door openings during intense firefights.
  7. Turn off auto-pickup to have more control over your inventory and avoid picking up unwanted items.
  8. Adjust scope sensitivity according to your preference, but a lower setting generally helps with precision.

By using these settings on your high-end smartphone, you should be able to enjoy a smooth and visually stunning gameplay experience in Sausage Man while maintaining precise control over your character’s actions and aiming. Adjust these settings to your personal preferences as needed, and you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the battlefield.

For Low-End Phones

For a smooth gameplay experience on a low-end smartphone in Sausage Man, it’s essential to prioritize performance over graphical quality. Here are the recommended settings for a smoother experience on low-end devices:

  1. On low-end phones, it’s crucial to prioritize performance over graphics. Set the graphics quality to Low or Medium to ensure a smoother gaming experience.
  2. Choose a frame rate of 30 FPS to maintain a stable gaming experience, even on less powerful devices.
  3. Turn off gyro sensitivity on low-end phones, as it can be challenging to maintain consistency with limited processing power.
  4.  Keep the non-gyro sensitivity on the lower side to improve accuracy in aiming without gyro controls.
  5. Turning off aim assist may provide more control over your aim, but it can be more challenging, so it’s a matter of personal preference.
  6. As with high-end phones, keep auto-open doors turned off for better control.
  7. It’s best to disable auto-pickup on low-end phones as well to avoid unwanted items cluttering your inventory.
  8. Adjust scope sensitivity according to your preference, but a lower setting can help with steadier aiming.

Finding the Sausage Man best sensitivity setting on your low-end device involves balancing graphical quality and performance. High-end phones allow you to enjoy the game’s stunning graphics, while low-end devices require compromises to ensure smoother gameplay.

Overall Best Settings in Sausage Man

Setting OptionHigh End DeviceLow-End Device
Graphics QualityUltra or HighLow or Medium
Frame Rate60 FPS30 FPS
Gyro Sensitivity8% (Lower for precision)Off (for smoother gameplay)
Non-Gyro Sensitivity60%50%
Aim AssistOnOff
Auto Open DoorsOffOff
Auto Pick Up WeaponsOffOff
Scope Sensitivity40%40%