Dead Cells All Runes List with Guide | How to Get Them

Dead Cells All Runes List with Guide | How to Get Them

Rune is one of the Important items in Dead Cells, which gives the player new abilities to unlock new biomes. The more biomes you unclose, the more you can unlock new tools, weapons, outfits, challenges, etc. in the game. Altogether, there is a total of 6 Runes in Dead Cells, and this article will discuss about them, guiding how to get them and locations to find them. So, let us continue.

List of All Runes in Dead Cell and Way to Unlock Them

  1. Vine Rune
  2. Challenger’s Rune
  3. Customization Rune
  4. Teleportation Rune
  5. Ram Rune
  6. Spider Rune

Now, let’s discuss their uses and finding places one by one:

Vine Rune

Vine rune

Vine Rune is the first rune in Dead Cells, which allows the player to sprout a vertical Vine throughout the game. You can obtain Vine Rune from the first Biome Promenade of the Condemned.

At the end of the Promenade of the Condemned, there is an Elite Enemy, and after defeating the Elite enemy, they will drop the vine rune, after which the player can use it. So, with the help of Vine Rune, the Players can get access to two new locations: Toxic Sewers and Ramparts

Challenger’s Rune

Challenger's rune

The second Rune you will get is the Challenger’s Rune, which gives players access to daily challenges. The Daily Challenges of Dead Cells will have a map with a timer where you want to defeat the Elite Enemy at the end of the map. So, by completing daily challenges, the player will get the Weapons and get familiar with the different types of weapons.

You will get the Challenger’s Rune by defeating the Concierge in Dead Cells, who is the first boss in Dead Cells. The Concierge is in The Black Bridge. You can access The Black Bridge by going to the Promenade of the Condemned, and from there, you want to go to the Ramparts. From the Ramparts, you can go to The Black Bridge

Customization Rune

Customization rune

Customization Rune helps the players unlock the custom mode in Dead Cells. The custom mode can help the character to make the run easier. They can choose their weapon and other things, which will help to unlock new tools and progress the main story quickly. You will obtain a Customization Rune after defeating an Elite Enemy at the Ramparts

Teleportation Rune

Teleportation rune dead cells

To unlock the Teleportation rune, you want to go back to the Prison’s Quarters, and from there, you want to go to the Toxic Sewers with the help of Vine Rune. So, after you reach the Toxic Sewers, you will meet an unknown creature behind bars, which gives you a hint of where to find the Teleportation Rune. 

You will need to go deeper into the map, and at the end of the map, you will find an Elite enemy. After you defeat it, you will get this item. Teleportation Rune gives you the ability to teleport to different secret locations and Biomes.

Ram Rune

Ram Rune

After you have obtained the above-mentioned Dead Cells Runes, you will unlock Ram Rune. To get Ram Rune, you want to go to the Promenade of the Condemned; after you get to that location, you want to go straight to the end instead of the Ramparts, where you will find a teleportation point. With the help of the teleportation rune, you can access Ossuary

After you reach Ossuary, you want to go to the last part of the map, where you will find Elite Enemy. After you defeat the Elite enemy, it will drop Ram Rune. You can use Ram Rune to break the floor with a Special sign on it. It can help to defeat the enemies in a new way or to access the new Biomes. 

Spider Rune

Spider rune dead cells

To unlock Spider Rune, you need to have Teleportation and Ram Rune. 

First, you want to go to Toxic Sewers; after reaching the Toxic Sewers with the help of Ram Rune, you can go to the Ancient Sewers. From the Ancient Sewers, you can go to the new Biome called Insufferable Crypt. In this location, you must defeat another boss called Conjunctivitis

After you defeat this boss, you will get to another Biome called Slumbering Sanctuary. In this Biome, at the end, you will find an Elite Enemy. After you defeat it, they will drop the Spider Rune. The Spider Rune can help the character to stick onto the walls and climb higher places so they can get access to new Biomes and secret locations in Dead Cells.

So, I hope you find the locations of all the available runes in Dead Cells. In the coming days, the game will have more runes. Keep playing.