First Descendant All Characters and their Best Tier List

First Descendant All Characters and their Best Tier List

Here, we will make the tier list of all the 11 Characters/Heroes of First Descendant, discussing them in detail. First Descendant is an exciting first-person shooter video game. It transports players to a captivating world of adventure and strategy. In this immersive gaming experience, you’ll play the role of a hero, who must go on epic missions, overcome difficult challenges, and battle powerful enemies.

The game offers diverse options of unique heroes, each with their own special abilities and strengths. So, you must choose your heroes wisely if you want to win the thrilling multiplayer battles.

The game has stunning graphics, rich storytelling, and a competitive edge. First Descendant has captured the hearts of gamers all around the world. Whether you’re a solo or a team player strategizing with friends, this game promises hours of excitement. Are you ready to become the ultimate First Descendant hero? Dive into the adventure today!

But before that, I will try to rank the heroes of First Descendant and divide them into different tiers. This division is based on their strength, performance and effectiveness. Whether a beginner or a pro player, this list can be useful if you are unsure about which hero to choose.

This tier list categorizes heroes into 4 different tiers which are S-tier, A-tier, B-tier and C-tier:

First Descendant Heroes/Characters Tier List Table

All HeroesLepic,
Hero Tier-List in First Descendant

Understanding hero tiers holds various advantages for players. Some of the benefits include:

  • Hero tier provides players with valuable insights into which heroes are currently performing well and which might be struggling.
  • Understanding the tier list can help you create a more effective team composition. This will increase your chances of winning in ranked matches and tournaments.
  • By understanding why certain heroes are in higher tiers, players can gain insights into effective strategies.

Best Heroes in First Descendant

Lepic – The Unstoppable Force

Lepic First Descendant

Rocking a prosthetic arm after losing it in a battle with Vulgus, Lepic uses awesome tactics to win the game. He plays the role of AoE Dealer and is one of the most powerful characters in First Descendant.

Ajax – Master of Elemental Destruction


A great leader who doesn’t talk much but certainly knows how to shock your enemies with his fighting skills, Ajax doesn’t disappoint. Ajax is a retired military man and is the most skilled hero in the game.

Viessa – The Cunning Strategist


Viessa is the embodiment of intellect in the realm of the “First Descendant.” Her piercing gaze can decode the difficulties of any battlefield, and her tactics are as unpredictable as the changing winds.

Jayber – The Swift Assassin


Jayber, the Swift Assassin, moves through the shadows with unparalleled grace. He is a rogue whose daggers strike like lightning, leaving no trace of his presence.

Sharen – The Enigmatic Sorcerer

Sharen First Descendant

Sharen is a master of arcane mysteries. She is unique and powerful because her spells can reshape reality itself. With a flick of her staff, she summons the elements, manipulating them to her whims and turning the tide of battle in her favour.

GLey – The Healing Virtuoso

Giey is a beacon of hope on the battlefield. She is a healer whose touch can cure the deepest wounds. Giey stands as a pillar of support in the midst of war.

Utilizing Your Heroes Potential

Collecting and equipping gear is a vital aspect of your hero’s progression. Your hero’s effectiveness in battle is greatly influenced by the equipment they carry. Upgrade and enchant your gear to maximize its potential. Seek out legendary weapons and armor to further empower your hero and take on more formidable challenges.

The world of First Descendant is a diverse landscape filled with various terrains. From lush forests to foreboding dungeons, each region presents its unique challenges and rewards. Be prepared to adapt to the ever-changing environments as you travel this breathtaking world.

As your hero progresses, they will gain access to a vast set of skills and abilities. These abilities can be tailored to suit your preferred gameplay and strategy. Invest time in exploring your hero’s skill tree, experimenting with different combinations, and honing your skills to perfection.