Dead Cells Derelict Distillery Biome Complete Guide

Dead Cells Derelict Distillery Biome Complete Guide

Dead Cells have a lot of Biomes, and each comes with its new enemies, mechanics, weapons, Blueprint and many more. Every new Biome in this game brings new experiences to players. This article will guide you with the Derelict Distillery Biome in Dead Cells, which is famous for how hard it is.

About Derelict Distillery Biome

Derelict Distillery is the first biome to have Big and unique rooms with their own set of mechanics which fit within the level. It has cracked walls, which you can destroy using the exploding barrels. You will get the barrels from the Barrel Launcher near the Cracked walls.

If you don’t have a Barrel Launcher at the Cracked walls, the enemy called Infected Workers will help you. The infected Worker will throw a Barrel at you, which you can dodge and use to your advantage to destroy the cracked walls. 

The intended route in this Dead Cell biome is to find the Distillery key behind one of the cracked walls and use the key to progress further down the Biome. 

How to reach Derelict Distillery?

To get to the Derelict Distillery in Dead Cells, first, you need to get to the Throne Room once. After you reach there, you can get to the Derelict Distillery through the Clock Room, the Guardian’s Haven, or the Mausoleum. There are two exits on the Derelict Distillery. From one exit, you can access the Throne Room and Lighthouse if you have unlocked the Lighthouse before. 

Derelict Distillery Enemies

Here is a list of all the enemies in Dead Cells Derelict Distillery Biome:

  1. Living Barrel
  2. Infected Worker 
  3. Failed Experiment
  4. Shieldbearer 
  5. Rancid Rat
  6. Bombardier
  7. Lacerator
  8. Spawner
  9. Hammer
  10. Kamikaze
  11. Oven Knight
  12. Demolisher

Living Barrels and Infected Workers are the two new unique enemies you will encounter in this Biome.

Derelict Distillery Blueprint

The main Blueprint you will be looking for in this Biome is the Tesla Coil, the Strongest Traps in Dead Cells. This trap can easily kill almost all the enemies within a second and is easy to use. This Blueprint has a drop rate of 10%, so you have a lot of chances to get the Blueprint in a few runs. 


Derelict Distillery contains 2 Scrolls of Power and 2 Dual Scrolls. This Biome has a guarantee of having 2 Scroll Fragments at 5 Boss Steam Cell.

Derelict Distillery Best Mutations

If you are a pro player, build offensive stats, but inexperienced players can take Defensive Stats. Here are the best Mutations for the Derelict Distillery Biome in Dead Cells, depending on the different builds:

  1. If you have a Survival Build, Gastronomy is the Best Mutation because it gives more healing from the food, which can help the character to survive for much longer. 
  2. For the Brutality Build, you can use either Predator or Vengeance mutation. The predator mutation makes the character go invisible after getting a kill, which can save you from hits of enemies at once. The Vengeance mutation provides an extra Attack to the character when they take a hit from the enemy, which can help to get you out of a tough situation. 
  3. For the tactics Build, you can use the Crow’s Foot mutation. It will deal damage to the enemy slowly and slow the enemy, which can help you to kill them faster and easier as the enemy in this Biome is quick.
  4. The colourless Mutation for the Derelict Distillery is the Masochist and Disengagement

The Masochist mutation reduces damage from the traps. It will also help you take more hits from the Barrel, increasing survivability. The Disengagement mutation gives invincibility if the character takes a lot of damage, which can be great against multiple enemies. 


To complete the run in the Derelict Distillery, you must learn the pattern of the Barrel Launcher. This Biome has a lot of Barrel launchers dropping Barrel at a certain interval with a fixed pattern. To increase the survival rate, you need to learn the different patterns and ways to dodge either by jumping or rolling. It is recommended to use melee weapons as most of the enemies can teleport to you, and they can do range as well as melee attacks.