Best secret places in BGMI/Pubg mobile for conqueror

Best secret places in BGMI/Pubg mobile for conqueror

You might know all the locations in BGMI/Pubg mobile, but you might not be aware of some secret places. Here, you will explore the best five hidden places inside the Erangel map.

As you know, to push the highest tier like ace and conqueror, you need to have both camping skills and fighting skills.

Meaning:- you need to hold yourself in the Secret area to increase the survival time for the rank push because it is impossible to fight all the situations.

If you are the master of Pubg mobile/BGMI, you might not need any secret location for camping, but everyone might not be a pro. The players who are not skilled but want to push their rank should know the hidden places to get plus points.

So, let’s continue and find out which are the best-hidden places in Pubg mobile/BGMI to camp secretly for increasing the rank quickly. The majority of the player choose Erangle for rank push, so we will only cover this map.

Top 5 best secret places in BGMI/Pubg mobile

1. Ruins

The Ruins is the best hidden place located on the side of the water city inside the Erangle map. This area is full of covers and objects that can keep you safe from your enemies for a longer time. Also, the ruin is full of loot items.

So, go on Ruin hill and behind it for camping. No enemy will detect you in this area, and you can consume survival time without any fear.

2. Prison

 best secret places in BGMI/Pubg mobile

It is a perfect place where you can camp safely for rank push, and Only a few players are aware of the secret location in the Erangle.

The best spot inside the prison area is the boundary, and if the final circle falls in this zone, you can keep yourself safe without any fear.

3. Water city

Among all the places, the third hidden/secret place in BGMI/Pubg mobile inside Erangle map is Water city. You will get the best hiding spots for hiding safely in this place.

The best thing is you can camp secretly, and if the enemy arrives there, you can handle the situation effortlessly.

4. Just side of the sea

Hidden places in BGMI/Pubg mobile

The place doesn’t have an exact name, so I call it ‘just side of the sea’. It is a bit far from the Farm area. It is one of my best secret places because Whenever I push conqueror in Pubg mobile, I spend most of my in this area, and you can also do it in BGMI. Both the game has the same map and location.

If you camp in this area, no opponent can find you until you don’t show yourself. So, I suggest you go just side of the sea to pass your some time while pushing the rank.

5. Rohak Bridge

It is sure the Rohak Bridge is the fifth best secret location in Erangle where you can hold yourself safely to get plus points.

So, go down the bride and camp there until the circle comes closer to you. It is the best hidden location for conqueror pusher players in Pubg mobile/BGMI.