How to get Silvanus X-suit in Pubg Mobile/BGMI? All Reward List

How to get Silvanus X-suit in Pubg Mobile | BGMI?How to get Silvanus X-suit in Pubg Mobile | BGMI?

Finally, Pubg mobile/BGMI has released a new great-looking Silvanus X-suit on 15th April 2022. It is the 5th upgradable X-suit in the game.

Silvanus X-suit

The Silvanus X suit is an upgradable, legendary outfit in PUBGM/BGMI, and players can upgrade it up to the 6th level/star using Starforge stone and Star Fragments to get various best features.

But, before that, you need to get the Silvanus X-suit from the spin using in-game currencies.

LevelFeaturesThings Needed
Obtain Silvanus X-Suit
3 StarForge Stone
100 Star Fragments
5 StarForge Stone
100 Star Fragments
7 StarForge Stone
130 Star Fragments
5Shock &
9 StarForge Stone
310 Star Fragments
6Final Form15 StarForge Stone
500 Star Fragments

In the table, you can see the different features you will obtain at each level of this X-suit. But, among them all, victory broadcast, shock and awe, and final form are the best feature of the Silvanus X Suit.

Silvanus X-suit Spin and rewards List:

Silvanus X-suit

This latest spin does not contain only X-suit, but players can obtain different other precious rewards. Each reward of this spin has various outcome chances.

Silvanus X-Suit0.93Alfheim Wonder Sickle3.10
Alfneim Wonder Set0.83Alfheim Wonder Ornament10.10
Heart of Jude Set0.83Silvanus Avatar Frame16.53
Enigmatic Nomad Set0.83Nature Touch10.53
Eternal Guardian Set0.83Craving Of Life10.53
Enigmatic Nomad Parachute3.10StarForge Stone2.48
Alfheim Wonder
3.10Star Fragment12.38
Heart of Jade
7.43Silvanus Coin46.44

So, you know the best part of Silvanus spin is you can spin it 5 times without spending any UC, which increases the chance of obtaining a free Silvanus X-Suit.

Yes, you can spin Silvanus five times using silver fragments. So, if you have good luck, you can unlock some other best mythic and rare items from the Silvanus spin, if not X-suit.

The price of Silvanus spin using silver is;
1Spin=200 Silvers
5Spin=300X5 Silvers

Similarly, the price of Silvanus spin using UC is;

Be careful if you don’t want to spend UC, don’t tap on the ‘again spin option’ after you spin Silvanus for the 5th time using Silvers.

How to unlock Silvanus X-suit in Pubg Mobile/BGMI

1. Try Silvers First, then UC

The more you spin, the chance of unlocking the Silvanus X-suit will increase. Therefore, Spin more and more, but firstly use silver fragments, then UC. If you are lucky, you will obtain the Silvanus X suit in Pubg Mobile-BGMI, but if not, you will get at least one best mythic reward from the spin.

(i) Go to ‘Silvanus X-Suit Spin.’
(ii) Tap on the ‘ Draw’ Option for 300 Silvers.
(iii) Spin and wait for your luck.

2. Use Silvanus coins

The outcome chance of Silvanus coins from the spin is 46.44%. You can use these Silvanus coins to redeem Silvanus X-suit. So, if you are a UC Spending player, but your luck is not supporting you, then collect these coins and exchange them with X-suit.

(i) Go to spin Setting.
(ii) Tap on Reward Redemption.
(iii) Redeem your reward.

For Example;
Mythic Set= 1K Silvanus coins
Emotes= 170 Silvanus Coins
Avatar Frame= 75 Silvanus Coins

3. Request for the Gift

Another best way to get Silvanus X-suit for free in Pubg Mobile and BGMI is by receiving a gift from friends and relatives. Yes, you can send Silvanus memory to your friends, which will help them to redeem that card with X-suit. Firstly, collect 1K Silvanus coins, then purchase Silvanus memory and send it to your friend.