Creation camp in Mobile Legends: Create your own Mode

Creation camp in Mobile Legends: Create your own Mode

Creation camp is a new game mode in mobile legends introduced on the 12th of April 2022. Before in the advanced server, it was only open to creators, but now it is available to all on the official server.

What is a creation camp in MLBB?

Creation camp is a custom game mode where you make the rules, and you can find it by clicking the custom mode in the lobby. In the creation camp, You can make your own lobby where you can change the Normal game rules like you can reduce the cooldown of skills to 0, increase health by a lot, increase the movement speed of all, make mirror mode, and many more.

So, The first time you enter the creation camp, you will see the window below;

creation camp lobby in Mobile legends

This window shows the creation camp lobby created by MLBB players in a particular server. These are lobbies created by different people that have rules created by them. To join these creation camp lobbies, you will need the password set by the player hosting them. You can also filter the game modes and also change the server here.

Guide: All about the Mobile Legends Creation Camp

The featured panel in the creation camp shows some of the Common and featured game modes and some of the old Modes of mobile legends like survival, chess TD, etc.

The Trending panel of the creation camp shows the Popular and high-rated game modes, and you can create a lobby of your own with the fixed set of rules from here.

From the custom section, you can make your own game rules in MLBB. When you click the + button in the custom panel, you will get a new interface.

Here you can change all the settings in the game. In the creation camp Basic section, you can alter the winning condition, hero selection, and other stuff like Map and team members.

Furthermore, From the hero selection, you can change different things like the selection of heroes, skins, battle spells, etc.

Similarly, in others, you can change things like creep HP, minion size, minions laning, equipment, etc. 

In the Battle panel, you can change different settings for each team like Cooldown, Mana regen, Max Hp, Movement speed.

In other Panel, You can change basic things like gold, exp, respawn, and level. From each panel, you can change things like passive gold income, starting gold, starting exp, etc.

Finally, the heroes bar is where you can change different aspects of a hero.

creation camp heroes section MLBB

So, After making your changes, you can click on save and make the lobby. To make the lobby, however, you will need a Mobile Legends Creation camp ticket, which you can purchase for 50 diamonds or from an event that is going on now.

Mobile Legends Creation camp ticket

But, to join the friend lobby, you don’t require MLBB creation camp tickets, but you need to have a lobby ID and password. 

Some Related Questions

  • Can you complete achievements in ML Creation camp game mode?

No, all custom modes do not affect your games played, win rate, and achievements. It would simply mean cheating if you could complete achievements like this.

  • How many games can you play with 1 Creation camp ticket?

Unfortunately, you can only play 1 game with 1 Creation camp ticket.