Best Heroes for a support role in MLBB fight

Best Heroes for a support role in MLBB fight

In MLBB, the Support role is the role of heroes to protect their teammates in the group battle and not let them die soon. These heroes have low damage but are greatly useful in team fights. The support heroes can go top and bottom lane quickly, so these heroes play a mid-lane role better in Mobile legends fights.

Top 5 heroes you can pick for a support role in the MLBB fight.

1) Estes

Estes hero in Mobile legends: Best pick for support

Estes comes under range heroes, and he is one of the best support heroes of all time in mobile legends because his ability gives the best advantages from early to late game.

His supportive skills can heal his teammate, and he gives massive damage to the enemy unit. If the allied has low health, this ability can help the teammate run away from the opponent.

He bestows a large sum of health to the 3 allied units in his final ability, which is enough to survive longer.

2) Angela

Angela in Mobile legends perform best supportive role

Angela is another hero in MLBB who can play the best supportive role because she can cover the large area of the map assisting the heroes.

If you combine the skills of Angela with other MLBB heroes such as Zilong, sun, gusion, she becomes more Powerful.

Her ability can heal the teammates in the match and cause damage to the enemy. Also, Angela can stun the enemy, and she grants shields to her allies to protect them during the battle.

3) Floryn

Floryn hero in Mobile legends: Top supportive heroes

Floryn is the new range hero in Mobile legends who can share her power with her teammate. Her skill stacks up to 1000, and he can give more power to the allied heroes increasing their attacks.

Also, Floryn can deal a massive amount of damage to the enemy units, and restore the health of the allied group.

Finally, she cast his magic all over the map to restore the massive health of allies. So, to get more support in the MLBB matches, most players pick Floryn hero because he has relevant skills.

4) Rafela

Rafela hero in MLBB: A best support hero

If we talk about the best support heroes, Rafela can also play an Energetic role to save the team and destroy the opponent in MLBB.

Her ability helps the allied unit to gain some movement and healths regen bonus that helps in running away from the enemy or killing the enemy who is running away.

She can hit all the enemies who come under her range which slows and deal the damage under her radius. Furthermore, in her final ability, she stuns and deals heavy damage to the enemies that fall under it.

5) Nana

Support hero in MLBB: NANA

Nana is one of the most played heroes in ML as a support or mage. Nana is pretty overpowered in late-game and can even kill an assassin in 1 v 1 at the late match.

Her ability can summons a cat which stuns the enemy making them disable to attack for a couple of seconds. And she can slow the enemy by dealing heavy damage.

Moreover, her final ability deals a heavy amount of damage to a huge area, slowing the enemy for a couple of seconds which is very useful in team fights.