How to make an afk fishing farm in Minecraft to get loots?

How to make an afk fishing farm in Minecraft to get loots?

Do you know how to make an afk fishing farm in Minecraft and why you should build it? Fishing is a job you can do in Minecraft to get fish and sometimes other items like enchanted books, saddles, nametags, and also, fishing helps to level up.

It is a Boring job though, you have to wait for a long time, and its outcome can disappoint you sometimes. So you should make a fishing farm in your living area to save your time and effort so that you can do something else instead of sitting at the waterside.

What loot can you get from afk fish farming?

You can get Nametags, Saddles, Enchanted books, mending books, bows, nautilus shells, and much more loot.

How to build afk fishing farm in Minecraft?

To create an afk fishing farm, you will need these resources:- a notebook, iron pressure-plate, iron trapdoor, warped fence, a bucket of water, fishing rod, a chest, and a hopper.

You can get strings by killing spiders and from chests in the mineshaft. The forest biome in the nether is the best place to find warped planks in Minecraft.

forest biome in the nether: Finding place is warped planks

So, after collecting all the materials, you can follow the steps to make an afk fish farm near your home and village in Minecraft.

Step 1

Dig an opposite L with three blocks and put two chests at the end of the opposite L.

first step to build afk fishing farm in Minecraft
Step 2

Put a hopper facing the chest while holding your crouch button.

Step 3

Put a note block at the start of the L and put the iron trapdoor on top of the note block while holding crouch. Then place another trapdoor corresponding to the first trapdoor, and you can break the first one since it is temporary.

3rd step to make afk fishing farm in
Step 4

Now, you have to put the warped fence on the hopper while holding the crouch button. Then over it, you have to place an iron pressure plate.

  • The farm should look like this at the moment.
Step 5

Now, bring a bucket of water and pour it into the hopper while holding a crouch- this way, the water will flow down to the space left, making it like an infinite water source.

Step 6

Here you have successfully made a Minecraft AFK fishing farm- All you need to do is- take out your fishing rod and aim it Perfectly at the note block. For a couple of times, the trapdoor will shut down and up, but once you fix the position of your aim, then it will stop.

afk fishing farm in Minecraft

The fishing rod will continue fishing. Now what you have to do is you can either put an auto clicker to right-click in your mouse. OR you can set the key bind of fishing/placing block from right-clicking to any key of your keyboard. Then you can place an object that can perform the action continuously.

Come back after a few hours you will get the loot.